We’ve already spilled out an iPad 2,4 and the next-generation Apple TV codename tonight, and now we have, perhaps, the most important find of all: iPhone 5,1. That’s right, the next version of the iPhone is has been dubbed 5,1 internally. A new 4,x model would represent minor external changes, but nothing new on the inside in terms of processing power. For example, the iPhone 3G went from the original iPhone’s 1,1 to 1,2 because there were no internal speed and performance enhancements, just 3G and a GPS.

This comes right after the iPhone 4Ss 4,1 identifier. The jump from 4,1 to 5,1 represents major internal changes, meaning the iPhone 5/6 will pack in a brand-new processor. The A6 in all likelihood. Rumored additions for externals are a 4 inch display and a new aluminum casing. Apple just released the iPhone 4S in October, and it is yet to be seen if this new iPhone will come next October or in the summer as rumored. With the 5,1 reference appearing this early, we like to think the latter.

Thanks Jack and Mike!

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