In a move that we hope will be copied by others, US Southeast regional carrier C-Spire has lowered the cost of the iPhone 4S by $50 to $149 with a plan.

32GB and 64GB iPhones also will see $50 drops and will come in at $249 and $349, also with the two year plans.

C-Spire uses the same EV-DO 3G network that Sprint and Verizon use and C-Spire customers hop on those networks when roaming outside of C-Spire’s Wireless footprints.  The company released the iPhone in November to its almost 1 million customers as the first US regional carrier to do so.

C-Spire has managed to keep its same plan rates with start $25/month and go up to $100 a month for unlimited data, streaming, texts and voice.

The lowest priced iPhone in the US is still technically Claro which operates out of US territory Puerto Rico and sells the iPhone 4S for $99 with a plan.

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