We are starting to see the “Cars and Trucks” model unfold as PC sales are starting to slip dramatically.

Among the top 5 vendors in the U.S. PC market, all but Apple experienced a decline in shipments according to a Gartner report late this evening. This is not your average “Apple beat the PC industry every quarter for the past 5 years.” It is a dramatic fall. Apple pulled to within 500,000 units of Dell from double that a year ago.

A few notables: 

  • Apple was sitting on a lot of ‘old’ Mac hardware in Q2. Its monster refresh of its notebook (and sort of Pro) line isn’t counted here.
  • As Gartner notes specifically, iPads aren’t counted which would have shot Apple way past Dell and HP.
  • iPads, at $400-$800 are as expensive as the typical PC
  • Separating ‘media tablets’ out is going to be a lot tougher when Microsoft releases its Intel powered Windows 8 Surface device
  • The Mac still isn’t a big player in the global PC market where it still hasn’t cracked the top 5 (below) where it seems Asusteck and others continue to do well.

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