August 30, 2012

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Larry Page are reportedly in talks regarding mobile patent disputes between the companies.

According to Reuters, which cited “people familiar with the matter,” both chiefs spoke on the phone last week while more discussions between “lower-level officials” are also underway:

Page and Cook are expected to talk again in the coming weeks, though no firm date has been set, the sources said. One source told Reuters that a meeting was scheduled for this Friday, but had been delayed for reasons that were unclear.

The two companies are keeping the lines of communication open at a high level against the backdrop of Apple’s decisive legal victory in a patent infringement case against Samsung, which uses Google’s Android software.

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MacTech Conference 2012 announces Matt Drance keynote and ‘Interplanetary Networking, Curiosity Style’ session

For those of us Apple Developers and “IT Pros”, the biggest non-Apple event of the year is the MacTech Conference in sunny LA from October 17-19 this year. They’ve announced that Matt Drance will be keynoting and…

Sandy Krasner, a Project Software System Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and a member of the Mars Science Laboratory team (the people who made “Curiosity” happen) will be giving a Special Session entitled “Interplanetary Networking, Curiosity Style.”  In more detail, downloading pictures from the surface of Mars is not like surfing the web. Flying through the atmosphere of Mars at 12,500 mph; wireless links 100’s of millions of miles long; orbiting satellites that can take pictures of pizza pans from orbit and serve as routers; 20 minute passes 2-4 times a day; 50 mbytes/day; working on Mars time; and even space weather shooting holes in the data stream. Come see how Curiosity returned those fantastic pictures from 166 million miles away. Plus hear about the Interplanetary Internet of the future.

Bump your 2010/2011 Macs up to 16GB RAM for $60


Amazon has the KomputerBay 2x8GB  1333Mhz Laptop RAM Upgrade for $59.99 with free shipping.  While we don’t have personal experience with this brand, it gets 4+ star rating from 500 Amazon reviewers, many of whom have put this upgrade inside their Macs.

Use OWC’s handy guide to make sure your Mac is compatible. For the most part, 2010 iMacs and most Macs  released in 2011 are compatible:

iOS App & Game Deals for Labor Day Weekend (Most EA Titles 99 cents)


Many iOS devs are slashing the prices on some of their hottest iOS titles to celebrate Labor Day Weekend (Including EA’s big weekend sale).  These are some of the lowest prices we’ve seen for major iOS gaming titles. Use the direct download links below to cash in on the savings before they disappear.

iPhone Madden 2012, regular $2.99 now only 99 cents Fight Night Champion, regular $4.99 now only 99 cents The Sims 3, regular $6.99 now only 99 cents Risk, regular $2.99 now only 99 cents Battlefield Bad Company 2, regular $2.99 now only 99 cents The Sims Medieval, regular $2.99 now only 99 cents Dead Space, regular $6.99 now only 99 cents FIFA 2012, regular $6.49 now only 99 cents


Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, regular $4.99 now only 99 cents Flight Control HD, regular $4.99 now only 99 cents Mirrors Edge, regular $9.99 now only 99 cents Sim City Deluxe, regular $6.99 now only 99 cents Risk, regular $6.99 now only 99 cents Shift 2 Unleashed, regular $4.99 now only 99 cents Battleship HD, regular $4.99 now only 99 cents Fifa Soccer 2012, regular $9.99, now only 99 cents Need for Speed Hot Pursuit HD, regular $9.99 now only 99 cents Dead Space, regular $9.99, now only 99 cents Battlefield Bad Company 2 HD, regular $9.99 now only 99 cents Madden 2012, regular $6.99 now only 99 cents Real Racing 2 HD, regular $6.99, now only 99 cents Monopoly, regular $9.99 now only 99 cents NBA Jam, regular $4.99, now only 99 cents Tetris, regular $2.99, now only 99 cents

Universal Mass Effect Infiltrator, regular $4.99, now only 99 cents Burnout Crash, regular $4.99 now only 99 cents

Western Digital announces superfast Thunderbolt My Book VelociRaptor Duo and portable USB 3.0 drives for Mac

The fast keep getting faster. Western Digital announced two new speedy new platter drives aimed at Mac users today. The Thunderbolt “My Book VelociRaptor Duo” is a speed improvement on WD’s previous Thunderbolt Drives coming from the addition of two 10,000RPM internal HDDs (the speed of the drives is actually still the bottleneck here —Thunderbolt is very fast).

Extreme speed of WD VelociRaptor drives inside.

With the extreme speed of two 10,000 RPM WD VelociRaptor drives inside united with the revolutionary speed of Thunderbolt technology your creative inspirations have never moved so fast.

Enhanced workflow efficiency.

The dual Thunderbolt ports make it easy to daisy chain more drives for even greater speeds and higher capacity. Add peripherals to further enhance your productivity.

User-configurable for speed or double-safe data protection.

Customize this dual-drive storage system to your needs – RAID 0 for speed, RAID 1 for data protection, JBOD to use the drives individually.

Did you know…

My Book VelociRaptor Duo is a bootable external device supported by Mac OS X. For additional information, please click here.

Western Digitial also upped the speed of its Mac Portable Drives (which we’ve reviewed favorably) with USB 3.0 and sizes up to 2TB:

Ultra-fast USB 3.0 connectivity.

With the blazing-fast connectivity of USB 3.0, this drive lets you access and save files in record time. Reduce transfer time by up to 3 times when compared to USB 2.0 transfer rates.**Performance may vary based on user’s hardware and system configuration.

Massive capacity in a small design.

This compact enclosure offers up to a massive 2 TB of storage. It’s the ideal companion for anyone with lots of photos, movies, videos and files that they want to take with them.
Password protection secures your drive.

Use WD Security utility to set password protection and hardware encryption and protect your files from unauthorized use or access.

Both Press releases follow:

French website Nowhereelse [translated] posted more part leaks for the next-generation iPhone this morning, and while we get a new glimpse at the front screen, neither of the pictures show anything terribly new. The bronze piece pictured was originally thought to be an NFC chip, but more conventional wisdom suggests it is a speaker for the headset.

We also received an image of 4 iPhone motherboards before being chip loaded:


…And, perhaps our most sketchy image:

Thanks, Sonny!

Adding to the slew of alleged leaks, a new image of a purported logic board for the next-generation iPhone has surfaced. The crisp picture shows the logical board without any protective EMI shielding for an internal look at the A6 chip that supposedly sits inside. We are a bit wary about the authenticity of this picture, as its originator, Sonny Dickson, said it needed to be “enhanced with Photoshop.”

It is speculated the A6, or a variant of the A5X chip, would appear in the next iPhone, and many thought Taiwanese Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s 28nm process would manufacturer the quad-core chip, but the latest reports claimed Apple is stuck with Samsung for at least CPU and/or baseband chip building after TSMC rebuffed an exclusive bid.

We also see another 9-pin dock cable from Sonny below:


A gallery of new parts is below—including a video from Sinocent. expand full story

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