Apple’s iTunes Store has leaked a mention of iBooks 3.0 ahead of Apple’s October 23rd media event. This media event will discuss a smaller iPad, which will likely be education oriented. French site iGen first discovered the listing, and The Next Web snapped the above screenshot in the French iTunes Store. The current version of iBooks is iBooks 2.0, which was announced earlier this year with digital textbook support.

Reader Pierre-Denis took some screenshots of the app in iBooks 2

In addition to your news I download the extract and found that the file is not completely readable upon iBooks 2.0. It works for the first few pages but, As you can see in the pictures bellow the last page is not correctly rendered. (largo winch 18 and standard iBook 2.0 file).

It seems that iBooks Author will be also updated in order to produce the compatible files with the new reader.

Screenshots below:

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