Update, Nov. 8: After complying with court orders and posting a new, revised apology to Samsung on its website, many were calling out Apple for the way the new apology was displayed. As noted by users on Reddit, Apple updated its website to ensure users would never see the message unless scrolling all the way to the bottom of the homepage. Following the complaints, as noticed by CNET, Apple has apparently pulled the code from its UK site that forced users to scroll in order to see the apology.

After posting a snarky “Apple products are cool” apology last week, Apple was told to remove the ad, apologize and follow the original court order. This morning, Apple’s UK website now is in full compliance including larger 14 point font.  Apple is also running ads in UK papers with the same copy.

If you haven’t been following, Apple lost a bid to remove Samsung Galaxy Tabs from the UK  based on trademarked design patents. Because of the negative publicity that Samsung received as a result of the accusations and trial, the court ordered that Apple clarify the situation both online and in newspapers.


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