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UPDATE: Apple’s site has reverted to the current icons present in iOS 7 beta. 

Apple has quietly changed some of the icons on its official iOS 7 website, making notable changes to the Weather, Passbook, and Reminders apps. iOS 7’s icons, which have been subject to much scrutiny and disapproval from various designers, have been one of the largest complaints about iOS 7 so far.

The icons, which can currently only be viewed on Apple’s site using a mobile device, most notably show a completely redesigned weather app icon, ditching the clouds and sun found in the current iOS 7 beta, in favor of the live temperature, something users have been waiting for for years.

Phil Schiller previously noted on Twitter that showing live weather on the iOS home screen would “waste battery,” but this is an improvement Apple has been working on for some time.

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Aside from Weather, Passbook has received the largest change, losing it’s orange card in favor of a more muted green color scheme, with additional subtle details on the card edges. Reminders, though mostly identical to the shipping version, also shows a much more muted color scheme, and a gray background.

Mail also has been slightly tweaked to become more round. Last but not least, Photos shows a super small design tweak with an updated color pallet. Whether or not these changes will make it to future iOS 7 betas, or if it’s just a slip on Apple’s part is unknown. For reference, the current icons are show below:

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