Bret Taylor, former head of Google’s Maps division and CTO at Facebook after selling off Friendfeed, along with co-founder Kevin Gibbs have launched a new collaborative word processor for the iPhone, iPad, and web. The app, called Quip, combines the mobile-oriented word processing of Pages, the shared checklists of Reminders, and the collaborative and sharing features of Google Drive. Documents are stored in folders that can be shared with and edited by teams.

While there is a native iOS app currently available, Mac users (or any other desktop users) will need to access the system through a web browser. The app is free to download and use for up to five team members, and features push notifications for changes made by other users, offline access to your documents, and cross-platform syncing, and more. Larger teams of up to 250 users will need a Quip Business plan. The plan costs $12 a month per user and offers several additional features over the free version, such as remote device management.

How will it fare against the free Google Docs or the $10 Pages? Time will tell, but Taylor has a pretty solid track record creating differentiator products. We’re just getting our heads around Quip now, so expect a review in the coming days and weeks ahead.

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