Above and below we might be getting a look at teasers for the first gaming controllers that will take advantage of Apple’s new MFi game controller frameworks. The first, above, comes to us from ClamCase. The company posted the teaser above for what appears to be a new controller, dubbed “GameCase”, that would attach to both an iPhone and an iPad (an iPad mini, at least). We spoke with the company who told us that the new controller would indeed follow Apple’s new MFi standards for game controllers.

The second teaser comes to us from Logitech (below). While we don’t actually see the controller in Logitech’s teaser, it appears to hinting at the controller that the company first showed off to developers during WWDC.

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We’ve already reported several times on Apple’s new standardized, MFi hardware game controller frameworks that are launching alongside iOS 7. In fact, we already got a peek at Logitech’s new controller during WWDC, and heard that Moga and others were working on controllers.

Apple will offer 2 types of game controllers through its MFi program and two configurations all with pressure sensitive buttons and consistent layouts. The first type of controller is the form-fitting controller (much like the GameCase above), which allows your iOS device to be docked right into the controller. The second will be a standalone controller that connects over Bluetooth.


A “Standard” configuration will offer A, B, X, Y face buttons, a traditional D-Pad, and right and left shoulder buttons (only available for form-fitting controllers), while an “Extended” configuration will add an extra set of left and right shoulder buttons and thumbsticks in addition to what’s on the standard gamepads. Apple’s aim is to offer a standard controller and button layout that will work with any game.

During WWDC, Crytek showed off its upcoming tactical action game called ‘The Collectibles’ utilizing the new standardized game controllers.

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