Apple has introduced a brand new programming language alongside a brand new version of Xcode.

Swift is a big deal for developers. The language includes loads of features third-party developers have been asking for. It sits alongside Objective-C and C, meaning developers can interchange between languages in the same project.

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Swift includes type inference, generics and multiple return types and much much more. Swift will enable Apple developers to create new games without worrying about Objective-C cruft that has built up over the last decade.

The new language integrates with a new development feature of Xcode, called ‘Playgrounds’. Playgrounds is a testing ground that renders developer code in realtime. Developers can jump in and out of game time, for example, whilst typing.

Apple claims Swift brings all of these new realtime development features without bearing any additional cost. In many ways, Swift acts like a modern JavaScript language but runs natively on the device. Developers can start submitting apps written in Swift from day 1 of iOS 8’s and Yosemite’s public release.

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