Good news and bad news for Tesla Model S owners: the iOS and Android apps have been updated to allow you to start the car without a key – but the matching firmware update needed by the car hasn’t yet arrived.

Version 2 of the iOS app also provides support for the new calendar function, where the car can pull in data from your iPhone calendar and offer to navigate you to the location – as well as providing several new alerts … 


– Owners will now be notified when: – There’s a software update available for install on Model S – Charging has started, has been interrupted, or is complete – Car alarm has been triggered – Owners will now be able to start their Model S from the app – Support for the new Calendar feature in Model S Release v6.0 – New UI layout

As we noted a few weeks ago, Tesla hired many of its UI designers from Apple.

The Tesla Model S app is a free download from iTunes. Sadly, the car itself isn’t.

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