Customers receiving their Apple Watches today are being offered online personal setup appointments in emails being sent out by Apple. We first reported last month that these at-home personal setup experiences would be offered.

Apple was not initially expected to offer personal setup for the Sport model, but now appears to be offering the experience for all models …



My email arrived in the early hours. Appointments were available beginning this morning, with further slots available up to May 7th.

In the UK, most appointments in the first four days had been snapped-up by mid-morning.


Apple’s email says that personal setup is also available in-store, but with no link to make store appointments, the company is strongly steering people toward the online channel.

For those of us lucky enough to have snagged launch-day delivery, Apple Watches have been steadily arriving throughout the morning in the various time-zones, my own Sport arriving at around 10:30 am UK time.


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