If you notice discoloration or deformation of your Sport or Leather Apple Watch band over time, you may not be happy, but it is normal, according to sources briefed on internal Apple support docs.

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While scratches and dents might be a given for Apple’s metal bands, you can also expect some discoloration for Apple’s fluoroelastomer Sport and selection of leather bands over time with normal wear and tear. Apple notes that discoloration of leather bands is “due to sweat or lotions” and an “expected behavior”. Apple’s documentation offers an example of the discoloration using an image of its blue Leather Loop band that appears quite faded:


In addition, Apple notes that band deformation is normal around the buckle of its leather straps (as pictured below):


For that reason, Apple will be denying any return or replacement requests based on straps showing these signs of wear. Not surprisingly, that will include scratches and marks on the metal bands:


Earlier today we told you about Apple’s inspection process for damaged Apple Watch units, including how the company plans to determine if your device is eligible for repairs or replacement under warranty.

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