Popular podcasting app Instacast for iOS and Mac is shutting down as the founders can no longer fund it or any of Vemedio’s other projects.

In an email sent to paid members, Martin Hering says that all of Vemedio’s products will be ‘discontinued’, with Instacast being the most well known app affected by this. The company says they will keep the servers up for as long as possible so current users will not be left with non-functional apps immediately.

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Hering seems to imply that profitability issues are the cause as the email plainly states “I ran out of funds to keep the project going”. The company’s Twitter account is now private and vemedio.com now redirects to a simple ‘Discontinued’ page.

For current Instacast users, consider moving to Overcast or Pocket Casts, two good alternative podcast player clients for Apple’s platforms. Apple’s bundled Podcasts app is another option, of course.

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