Facebook has rather a long history of finding inspiration in the Snapchat app, from Poke back in 2012 (which was pulled last month) to SlingshotTechCrunch reports that the company is now testing three new features in its iOS app, all of which mimic functions available in Snapchat.

The new photo uploader adds:

  • swipeable filters, allowing you to instantly preview the effects
  • the ability to paste Facebook stickers on top of photos
  • the option to overlay text on a photo

Facebook appears to have rolled-out the new version of the app to a limited number of users so far. Most of the photo filters are based on the seasons … 


Facebook indicates that filters are available by displaying a vertical white line across a photo, which can be swiped left or right to instantly preview the effect. In the release TechCrunch tried, six filters were available.

“Auto” color correction, “Vintage” sepia, bright “Spring”, golden “Summer”, orange “Fall”, muted “Winter”, and black-and-white “Snow” filters. The swiping feels satisfying and makes it quick compare adjacent filters, though a bit harder to choose between two that aren’t next to each other.


A magic wand icon provides access to the text and sticker overlays, shown in the photo at the top.

It’s not yet known how many people now have the ability to completely ruin their photos, or when the new version of the app will be rolled out to everyone.

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