While Apple’s new Move to iOS app appeared to be the company’s first ever Android app, Phandroid did some digging around in the code to discover that it in fact appears to be just a rebadged third-party app called Copy My Data.

If we take a look under the hood of Apple’s Move to iOS app, we see the […] android:name is still set to android:name=”com.mediamushroom.copymydata”That’s just the tip of the iceberg. The two applications share a vast majority of code and functionality. In fact, all of the com.mediamushroom.copymydata strings were left inside Apple’s rebranded version. Essentially, the only differences between the two apps are Apple’s artwork being added, the inclusion of Apple’s licensing agreements, and Media Mushroom’s UI elements being removed. That’s really it.

Apple thus appears to have simply licensed an existing app, rather than creating its first Android app – meaning that the Apple Music app expected to makes its way across to Android sometime this fall may be the first Apple-coded app on the rival smartphone platform … 



Apple first quietly announced the Move to iOS app in June before it hit the Google Play Store alongside the rollout of iOS 9. It didn’t take long for Android users to pile on the negative reviews, with 2700 1-star reviews within just a few hours of launch, most of them rants about Apple rather than reviews of the app itself. That number is up to more than 15,000 at the time of writing.

Haha What do you think I am? Mad? Why on earth would I move from Android to Fisher Price? Sorry, I mean iOS. Sheer madness I tell you!

Some Android users do seem happy for the help in making the switch, however: there are also more than 3,000 5-star reviews. Apple previously pointed Android switchers to Copy My Data for transferring data, with iOS 9 integrating the steps into the setup process.

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