While ‘Apple Car‘ is still a highly rumored project that really gained momentum last year, Apple hasn’t officially acknowledged its electric vehicle project publicly yet. Instead, Apple executives have cleverly referenced the rumors during media events while Tim Cook has resisted denying the project. The biggest tease to date comes in the form of new car-related domain names registered to the company that are likely related to the so-called Project Titan.

First discovered by MacRumors, Apple Inc. is the company behind three new car-themed domain names registered last month and revealed today. All three domain names, which include apple.car, apple.auto, and apple.cars, are currently inactive and do not point toward any Apple websites, but the WHOIS registration ties Apple to the domain names which only adds to the likelihood that Apple’s moving forward with its car project.

Aside from Apple’s rumored plans to produce a car in addition to iPhones, iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches, the company does already have technology in the car space with its iPhone-based CarPlay infotainment feature. CarPlay puts optimized versions of the iPhone’s Messages, Phone, Maps, and Music apps on screens in cars using Siri voice control as the input method.

Apple’s newly registered car-related domains do not point to Apple’s CarPlay site which lists partnered automakers and supported apps, however, which further suggests the new domains are either continued teases or actual domains Apple plans to use in the future. Another possibility is that Apple has picked up the new domain names to prevent others was cashing in on them in the future, but either way the evidence that Apple is developing an electric vehicle is only growing and will surely continue this year.

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