Following an announcement for a revamped news discovery and commenting experience for its homepage and Yahoo mobile apps, the company is also rolling out an updated Yahoo Mail iOS app today.

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Among new features for the app, users can now customize swipes, meaning you’ll be able to choose what happens when you swipe across your messages in your inbox. Options for the customizable swipes include star, send to folder, archive, and more.

You’ll find the new customizable swipe options under Settings>Swipe actions.

And also arriving for the app today are new Multi-Select Toolbar options: “Now you can “star” and “mark as spam,” just tap on the “…” in the multi-select menu.”

To round out the update, iOS users will now be able to create, delete and rename folders, while access to all recent attachments will be accessible with search functionality when composing an email:

Have you ever tried to find and send an attachment that you’ve recently received? Say you want to share a vacation itinerary with a friend for her trip planning, or recent photos you’ve received from your family. Now when composing an email, you can see all your recently received photos and file attachments, along with a search bar to easily find what you’re looking for. Tap on the “+” button in compose and choose the paperclip icon at top left to see this screen.

Check out the updated Yahoo app for iOS on the App Store.

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