Yahoo Mail is getting a notable update today for iOS (and other mobile app users) that allows access to files stored in Google Drive, Dropbox, and GIFs on Tumblr. You can use the new feature to quickly attach a photo or other file from any of the supported services to emails.

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You’ll find a new GIF icon in the compose window to access files from the services. The GIFs from Tumblr feature lets you view trending GIFs from the service as well as search through categories, while the cloud icon in the compose window will give you the option to access Google Drive or Dropbox files. You can search across your folders on both of those services, and the Yahoo app will show you results based on title or file contents.

The first time you tap on the cloud icon in compose, you’ll be asked to connect to your Google Drive or Dropbox account. With instant access to all of your files in the cloud, you’ll now be able to browse through recent files or search for a specific file directly from your email.

Yahoo also notes that today’s update brings a new preview feature for large files, which means you’ll now be able to “preview an attachment without downloading it first to your mobile phone.”

You can try out the new features in an update to the Yahoo Mail app, version 4.3, hitting the App Store today.

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