Widespread iCloud Music Library issue affecting Apple Music subscribers

A widespread issue with iCloud Music Library is currently affecting Apple Music subscribers. Apple’s System Status board hasn’t acknowledged the issue yet, but several Apple Music customers have complained online and the issue is affecting several of us here. Launching the Music app on iOS prompts users to ‘Join Apple Music’ regardless of subscription status and some customers are reporting libraries disappearing.

In my case, Apple Music crashed then prompted me to sign up on iOS. Force quitting the Music app and relaunching it seemed to fix the issue and my library appears to be in place, but some songs not saved locally failed to stream.

On iTunes, customers are seeing a pop up message that says ‘Unable to connect to iCloud Music Library’ with a similar message that appears when playing tracks. The issue may be temporary and resolve itself (and could even be related to maintenance ahead of WWDC, but for a decent streaming music service plagued enough with issues, it’s not a positive experience for subscribers.

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