New Google Photos ad seems aimed squarely at 16GB iPhone users [Video]

Google Photos may be an app available for both Android and iOS, but the company’s latest ad seems to be pitching it squarely at iPhone owners – especially those with 16GB storage. The ad features an iOS-style ‘Storage Full’ message as users try to take photos and video …

The video ad is promoting a ‘Free Up Space’ feature Google added to the Photos app last year. Google Photos automatically backs up photos on your iPhone, and the space-saving feature allows you to automatically delete from your phone all photos that are already safely stored online.

While the functionality has been there for some time, it seems Google thinks not enough people know about it, hence the new ad, which you can watch below.

Apple already automatically deletes local photos in the background when they are safely stored on iCloud, but you only get 5GB free. Google Photos, in contrast, offers unlimited free storage of photos up to 16MP plus 1080p video.

Google Photos is a free download from iTunes.

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