Apple Watch availability continues to deplete ahead of upcoming refresh

The original Apple Watch was officially released in April of 2015 and instead of fully refreshing the device, Apple has since then introduced a variety of new band and color options. This fall, however, we’re expecting to see a full-on Apple Watch upgrade. Ahead of that expected update, stock of existing models has been depleting gradually over recent weeks.

As you’ll notice below, a variety of Apple Watch Sport models are currently listed as “Sold Out” on Apple’s website, though some do list scattered availability in retail locations. Even some nylon band options, which were just introduced earlier this year, are listed as sold out.

For the stainless steel tier, all 38mm options are listed as in-stock and shipping on Apple’s website, but a handful of 42mm options are backordered 4-6 weeks, while the Milanese and Link Bracelet options are almost entirely liquidated.

Finally, for the Hermès variants, almost all large sized bands are sold out, while a variety of other small/medium options are gone, as well. Hermès availability in-store is scattered, with a few stores here and there showing availability.

At this point, it’s unlikely that Apple will go too far out of its way to replenish stock of any Apple Watch variants. Apple Watch 2 rumors have been picking up steam over recent months, with the device expected to feature faster internals, better waterproofing, GPS, and perhaps cellular connectivity.

The Apple Watch lineup will likely be updated at a media event in early September, alongside the iPhone. As we told you all the way back in April, it’s not recommended to buy the original Apple Watch at this point, as the refresh is so close.


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