While Airplane Mode is designed to switch off all the iPhone’s radios, they should promptly switch themselves on again after cancelling flight-safe mode. According to internal documents seen by MacRumors, however, some iPhone 7 models are not regaining mobile services when Airplane Mode is cancelled.


An owner of one of the affected devices has posted a video showing that while an iPhone 6s comes straight out of Airplane Mode, his iPhone 7 – positioned right next to it – fails to do so.

Apple has reportedly instructed retail stores to replace any devices exhibiting the same symptoms, without the need for the full diagnostic tests that would otherwise be performed to identify faults in a device.

It’s not the first problem to hit the new iPhone, earlier reports stating that some models are hissing when under a heavy processor load. Apple can, at least, be thankful that its phones are not exploding.

Photo: tapsmart.com

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