As we reported earlier this morning, Apple’s AirPods were available to arrive before Christmas for a very short period of time. As shipping times have slipped to January through Apple, options to get them at extremely inflated prices have popped up predictably quickly by scavengers sellers on eBay.

While some eBay sellers have listed authentic AirPods in the somewhat more reasonable $230-$500 range, some of the pricier options are giving a pre-Christmas arrival guarantee. There are sellers who are even providing a photo of their Apple order information to prove authenticity. The highest asking price we have seen so far is $1,590. I suppose the seller just figures he only needs one buyer. One thing is for sure, this long AirPods delay has created quite the holiday demand!

Will we see Cabbage Patch Kid type of lines and fighting? We’ll find out over the next week or so..

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