Apple’s self-driving car test program detailed in new document

Last week Apple was granted permission to publicly test self-driving car technology on California roads, and now a new document has surfaced that details Apple’s self-driving car training program for drivers. The new document provides further evidence that Apple is actively working on autonomous driving technology internally.

Business Insider obtained the document entitled “Development Platform Specific Training” which refers to the “Apple Automated System” used in self-driving vehicles:

According to the document, Apple drivers must pass seven different tests before they are fully trained. Each safety driver has two practice runs and three trials to pass each test on what appears to be a private course.

The document itself details technology used by drivers including Logitech hardware and basic driving maneuvers like tight u-turns and sudden braking or acceleration. Each test type includes a goal and steps to override the autonomous system when training with the system.

While Apple can test anything privately and internally, its California permit allows it to test three Lexus RX450h SUVs according to the DMV documentation published last week; that’s the same vehicle used in Google’s own self-driving tests.

While it was believed for several months that Apple was building an electric vehicle of its own, recent reports have claimed Apple is focusing instead on self-driving car software for now which is evidenced by recent public-facing developments.

Back in December, a letter to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration was uncovered that acknowledged first hand Apple’s work on self-driving technology.

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