CarPlay, Apple’s feature that brings communication and entertainment functions to the built-in screen in your car using iPhone apps, appears on a lot of aftermarket displays and new cars that you can buy today.

As CarPlay support shows up from more manufacturers, we’re also seeing more developers enable CarPlay capabilities in their own apps. Once you install these apps on your iPhone, they appear on your CarPlay-enabled display when you connect your iPhone. Read on for the growing list of iPhone apps that support CarPlay.

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Apple’s built-in apps

  • Phone (Favorites, Recents, Contacts, Keypad, Voicemail)
  • Music (iTunes Radio including Beats 1, Music library including Apple Music, iTunes Match [iOS 9.3 includes For You and New from Apple Music)
  • Maps (Search, POI’s, Navigation [Nearby with iOS 9.3])
  • Messages (Create, read, reply over Siri)
  • Now Playing (this will show audio content from any iPhone app similar to iOS’s Control Center)
  • Podcasts (Works with Siri too)
  • iBooks (with iOS 8.4 for playing audiobooks)

App Store apps

Apps coming soon:

Stay tuned for more CarPlay apps as they update in the future, and check out our original review and hands-on video with Apple CarPlay.

Updated October 11, 2018

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