iOS 13 removes 200 MB file size limit for app downloads over cellular

Apple upped the iPhone cellular limit from 150 MB to 200 MB just last week .. and now that limit is being removed altogether.

With iOS 13, Apple will warn users when they attempt to start a large download on a mobile network but you are allowed to override it.

In this case, the App Store version of PUBG is over 2 gigabytes in size. When attempting to download the game on iOS 12, it simply wouldn’t be allowed on mobile data.

In iOS 13, the system now shows a dialog warning that the app size is large, noting the file size. Users can choose to continue downloading or schedule it to happen later when the device returns to a Wi-Fi connection.

This behavior is even customizable in Settings. There is a new preference in iTunes & App Store named ‘App Downloads’. The default option is ‘Ask if Over 200 MB’ and shows the above pictured alert.

In ‘Ask First’ mode, the user is always prompted to confirm a cellular app download. On the other end of the spectrum, selecting ‘Always Allow’ removes all barriers and it means the system will happily complete downloads on cellular without any interruptions; this is ideal for users with unlimited data plans.

Permission is always required when the iPhone is roaming abroad.

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