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Mac Stories June 24, 2015

The best Mac desk, chair, decor, and peripherals for your home office

Like Apple Watches, home offices are “personal” — the look and furniture that work well for one person might not seem “right” to another. But the unified metal and glass aesthetic of Apple products works really well with modern office furniture, and there are also some iconic decor items Apple lovers can incorporate into a home office. I spend a […]

Mac Stories February 17, 2015

Upcoming Modern Family episode shot w/ iPhone & iPad, plays out entirely on MacBook screen

An upcoming episode of the popular ABC show Modern Family will take place entirely on a MacBook as the characters use FaceTime and other services to communicate, as noted by Recode:

The episode revolves around Claire Dunphy, a working mother of three played by Julie Bowen, who is stuck in an airport and desperate to reach her daughter, Haley, to reconcile after a fight. The story plays out on her Macbook, as she employs all the forms of modern communication at her disposal, from email to FaceTime to Facebook, in an attempt to locate her eldest child, played by Sarah Hyland.

Not only will the upcoming episode take place on a MacBook screen, the report adds that it “was shot entirely with Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 tablets.”

Recode has more with quotes from the show’s co-creator Steven Levitan on the inspiration behind the episode.

Mac Stories March 14, 2012

MacUpdate Bundle: VMware, Drive Genius, PDFPen 5, Forklift, Snapheal, Typinator 5, more: $49.99

From MacUpdate has one of the best bundles we have ever seen on a wide-ranging set of Mac software. You are breaking even with the VMware Fusion 4 headliner, but there are great apps up and down the lineup including Drive Genius disk utility, PDFPen 5 PDF editor, Snapheal photo editing, Forklift FTP/Finder Utility, Typinator 5. These are all great apps. * 1. VMware Fusion […]

Mac Stories March 28, 2012

Ending Bundles: MacUpdate’s VMware, Drive Genius, PDFPen 5, Forklift, more: $49. iTuneUp for iTunes $30

From Ending Saturday, StackSocial offers the $30 The TuneUp Bundle which offers to “Cleanup your iTunes Music Collection. Automagically.” The TuneUp Bundle (Lifetime License) includes: • Clean — Accurately fixes mislabeled or missing song information (like “Track 01” or “Unknown Artist”) using cutting-edge waveform recognition • Cover Art — Scans your entire music collection in seconds and […]

Mac Stories January 16, 2015

Review: Duet, the app that turns your iPad into a Lightning-connected Mac monitor

I’m a big-screen fan. It’s the reason my primary Mac is still a 17-inch MacBook Pro, and why I have that hooked up to a 27-inch Apple Thunderbolt Display when I’m in my home office. When travelling, though, I have fewer pixels to play with. Sure, I could get a 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, but […]

Mac Stories December 12, 2011

Apple: App Store has over half a million apps, Mac App Store passes 100 million downloads

Apple just issued a press release announcing that its App Store mobile bazaar now carries over half a million apps for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Additionally, customers have downloaded apps from the Mac App Store over a hundred million times. The App Store has passed over eighteen billion downloads since its inception and […]

Mac Stories June 13, 2016

Here are the iOS & Mac apps that won this year’s Apple Design Awards

Apple has just wrapped up its exciting WWDC 2016 keynote announcing macOS Sierra, iOS 10, watchOS 3, and the latest installment of tvOS. The event was mostly focused on what Apple would be releasing at the end of this year, but Apple also likes to put the attention back on the amazing developers in the community. […]

Mac Stories February 6, 2019

How to check your Mac trade-in value

Want to upgrade your Mac or just want to know what your current machine is worth? Read on for how to check your Mac trade-in value at multiple places to be certain you get the best price possible.

Mac Stories May 15, 2019

Apple posts instructions on how to enable full mitigation against Intel CPU attacks on Mac, up to 40 percent performance penalty

Following the announcement of new speculative execution exploits that target Intel CPU architecture, Apple has posted a new document on its website that explains how customers with computers that are ‘at heightened risk’ of attack can enable full mitigation. Full mitigation is not enabled by default as it is probably an excessive amount of security […]

Mac Stories January 15, 2020

The Unofficial Apple Archive is on a mission to save Apple history and inspire new creators

“I totally forgot that Rihanna was used as the track for an iPad 2 guided tour. What a weird year.” Sam Henri Gold was giving me a progress update on what would eventually become The Apple Archive. He had just made it to 2011. Compiled from hundreds of videos and images spanning Apple’s near 44-year […]

Mac Stories January 31, 2020

Jason Snell’s Six Colors annual Apple report card: Wearables ace it, software quality needs summer school

Jason Snell has published his annual Six Colors report card covering Apple’s 2019 performance, and this year it includes responses from me and my 9to5Mac colleague Benjamin Mayo. Go read it now and come back! Final grades are based on ratings from 65 participants that Jason describes as “writers, editors, developers, podcasters, and other people […]

Mac Stories August 17, 2020

Review: PhraseExpress is TextExpander without the subscription

PhraseExpress is a Mac app that does the same thing as TextExpander, which I reviewed back in 2017. Both apps can be thought of as autocorrect on steroids. You type a macro shortcut of your choice, and the app replaces it with a full block of text – with can be multiple paragraphs. TextExpander has […]

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