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iOS Devices Stories July 29, 2009

Apple adds MobileMe iDisk iPhone app

Apple today released the MobileMe iPhone app (iTunes Link).  The app allows you to access and share your iDisk files including viewing iPhone-readable files up to 20MB.


– View files on your iDisk
– Access Public folders
– Easily share files from your iPhone
– Quickly access recently viewed files
– View iPhone-supported file types-including iWork, Office, PDF, QuickTime and more. (Files larger than 20MB may not be viewable.)

This application had been listed by Apple on its website since WWDC in June.

iOS Devices Stories August 6, 2009

Phil Schiller's response to Ninjawords dictionary word censorship

John Gruber displaying some of his high-brow comedyDaring Fireball got an email beatdown today from Phil Schiller about the controversy surrounding Apple’s decision to "censor" Ninjawords, a dictionary app for the iPhone.  It turns out that most of Daring Fireball’s argument yesterday was just wrong.  

Let me start with the most important points – Apple did not censor the content in this developer’s application and Apple did not reject this developer’s application for including references to common swear words. You accused Apple of both in your story and the fact is that we did neither.  Ninjawords is an application which uses content from the online wiki-based dictionary to provide a nice fast dictionary application on the web and on the iPhone. Contrary to what you reported, the Ninjawords application was not rejected in the App Store review process for including common “swear” words. In fact anyone can easily see that Apple has previously approved other dictionary applications in the App Store that include all of the “swear” words that you gave as examples in your story.

Wiktionary, the source of of Ninja Words definitions, contains huge amounts of profanity, even if it isn’t the seven words you can’t say on TV.  While Ninjawords may have did a search and destroy on those 7 words in the database, many "Urban Dictionary-type" definitions still exist.

iOS Devices Stories June 1, 2009

Free Lonely Planet San Francisco guide for WWDC (or otherwise)

From the Toys Section: The iTunes App Store offers Lonely Planet’s San Francisco City Guide for free. Particularly handy if you’re going to be attending the upcoming WWDC, this app is $16 off and the best deal we’ve seen for a guide to San Francisco. Who’s got your back?  

iOS Devices Stories June 3, 2009

Sony PSP Go to take on iPod Touch

Sony yesterday released its answer to the iPod touch, the much-anticipated PSP Go.  It differs from the original PSP because it has a slide out controller and instead of needing cartridges, you can now download content and games over the Internet. While the "content+games over the Internet" isn’t such a new thing, they do have […]

iOS Devices Stories June 8, 2009

9to5mac LivePanel for WWDC enjoyment (Audio/Video Feed?)

We’re rolling out our good ol’ fashioned 9to5mac Livepanel which will be circulating the best feeds throughout the WWDC event.  As you might remember, this framed page shows four of the best feeds at once and is refreshed every 15 seconds so your mouse button finger doesn’t have to bleed.  It works best on large […]

iOS Devices Stories June 7, 2009

Around The Web: Pre-WWDC Hype Machine

Major media seem excited for Apple’s WWDC tomorrow, as the hype machine builds its own steam – a quick tour of what the papers say this Sunday…

iOS Devices Stories June 8, 2009

What will be the biggest surprise of WWDC 2009?

* AppleTV Gaming w/app store
* Snow Leopard on PCs
* Tablet/NetBook
* Steve Jobs
* Comments

Live Video of WWDC Keynote

We’ve got a few Qik guys walking into WWDC, we’ll see how many can keep broadcasting during the keynote. Update – UStream! Thanks to Javier Matuk,from Mexico,  Hope you get out of the country before Apple catches you Matuk!

iOS Devices Stories June 13, 2009

Re-purchasing apps not going to happen?

It looks like the zany idea of having to repurchase apps is a no-go (thankfully).  According to appadvice (via Giz) the inability to re-download apps was just a "bug" which has been cleared up now. With the final release of iTunes 8.2, we discovered that the message stopped appearing for users who had an authorized […]

iOS Devices Stories June 15, 2009

Israel officially gets the iPhone

According to popular Israeli website nana10 (via MacBlogz), Israel will be getting the iPhone in short order.  The tiny nation is chock full of technology companies and jailbroken iPhones are a dime a dozen there.  But until now, Apple hasn’t officially partnered with any of the telecoms.  Strangely, Orange who has iPhone contracts in many […]

iOS Devices Stories July 16, 2009

Apple releases WWDC 2009 session videos on iTunes

Apple today made WWDC sessions available on iTunes for a $299 price.  You must be at least a free ADC Online Member or Registered iPhone Developer to activate WWDC 2009 session videos.

Purchase session videos from the Worldwide Developers Conference 2009 and watch Apple engineers deliver in-depth technical information about the technologies that power iPhone OS and Mac OS X.  If you are an ADC Premier Member or if you held a WWDC 2009 E-ticket you should have received a communication with instructions on how to access session videos from WWDC 2009 for free.

iOS Devices Stories August 19, 2009

MSFT pins hopes on Win Mobile 7 – late 2010

Microsoft seems scared, wooing iPhone developers to bring their WWDC-invented ideas to its Windows Mobile platform, while inventing a dual platform pitch to compete with Android and Apple.

Microsoft isn’t expected to introduce a fully updated version of Windows Mobile until next year, but will ship it the upgraded Windows Mobile 6.5 in October. But Windows Mobile partners won’t feel the magic touch – Microsoft won’t be enabling touch interfaces until a little later, in February 2010, reports Digitimes.

iOS Devices Stories May 19, 2009

Pre Day, June 6, is official…along with rebate pricing

Palm’s Pre will be available nationwide on June 6 for $199.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate (bad idea) and with a two-year contract on Sprint’s Everything Data plan or Business Essentials with Messaging and Data plan. The Pre will also be sold online and at Best Buy, RadioShack, and some Walmart stores (alongside iPhones). Accessories […]

iOS Devices Stories May 21, 2009

When do you think Apple will release a MediaPad/Tablet?

* WWDC next month
* When Steve Jobs returns in late June
* August/September with new iPods
* Before the holidays
* Macworld (lol!)
* 2010
* never!
* Comments!

More iPhone3 predictions

John Gruber, is also predicting faster processor, more battery life, better camera and digital compass for the iPhone 3.  While nothing new is noted on the iPhone, he adds another voice to the changes we’ve been hearing for awhile now.  He also agrees that a major feature of the next touch devices from Apple will be the cameras.

Based on our information, we believe the next iPhone chip will be the S5PC100.(Google it).

He also thinks that 13-inch aluminum Macbooks will all now be called MacBook Pros (not Airs of course) and we’ll see minor updates to the MacBook Pro line at WWDC.

iOS Devices Stories May 27, 2009

Google gives everyone at Google I/O a G2 Android phone

Google just gave everyone at the Google I/O show at Moscone a free Android phone with Cupcake and unlimited 3G data for a month.  Some observations: We are going to the next Google I/O show Tmobile service in the Bay area is going to suck for the next month Google is probably helping Tmobile unload […]

iOS Devices Stories July 6, 2009

Jim Goldman talks iPhone medical app Airstrip

We saw  the Airstrip medical app at WWDC. CNBC follows up with a real doctor-patient case study:

iOS Devices Stories April 15, 2010

iPhone as ticketing system detailed in patent

Patently Apple today published a patent by Apple that details an “iTunes based web service for tickets that will naturally enhance the iTunes music empire.”  The iPhone and Mac application “Concert Ticket” would allow all facets of the ticketing process to happen automatically.  

The advantages of Apple’s system include electronic maps to the event, electronic distribution of tickets through email or other means, song lyrics, refreshments, the ability to purchase a live recording of the concert or other content, parking and finding people. 

It doesn’t stop with Music concert tickets.  Apple lays out plans for sporting events, weddings and conventions (like WWDC, pictured but not scheduled officially yet). 

Is Ticketmaster the next casualty of Apple?

iOS Devices Stories October 19, 2009

Apple launches iPhone Tech Talk World Tour for Developers

Apple today emailed developers an invitation to their iPhone development roadshow.  Think of it as a travelling WWDC Circus…

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