June 20, 2016

AAPL: 95.10


Boxee founder Avner Ronen has launched Public, a chat app he described to Variety as ‘a third medium for broadcasting conversations’ after audio and video. The app appears similar to Talkshow in that a small group of people are able to participate in a text chat, but anyone can follow the conversation live …

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August 9, 2011

Boxee has just released a free iPad app that allows users to stream almost any video type from their computer. Streaming features aside, the app is focused at helping users find content to watch online from their friends and what’s popular. Sharing is done through the Friends tab, which is a queue of everything your friends are sharing through Boxee’s social service. There is a also a Popular tab showing what the world can’t get enough of.

The social features are cool, but we really love the Watch Later bookmark you can use to bookmark videos from around the web. The bookmark takes an Instapaper approach and will queue up the videos on your iPad for viewing later. To go along with their Boxee Box, you can also send a video that you were watching on your iPad to your big screen — almost Air Play like.

Check it out in the App Store.

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The best 4K & 5K displays for Mac

January 6, 2011

We’re watching a dizzying array of App announcements as new software hits the all-new Mac App Store, but here’s a special something from the team at Boxee, who are showing off their new Boxee iPad App at CES.

Here’s what Boxee (who today announced a new deal to offer video from CBS via their devices) had to say on the new app: expand full story

November 11, 2010

See that huge Intel heatsink on the $199 Boxee box from the iFixit teardown?  You think the Boxee Box uses 6W of power like the AppleTV?  Probably not.  Interestingly, it is beating the AppleTV on Amazon here and here but that is probably just for pent up demand.

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April 16, 2010

It seems pretty clear from the Job posting that Boxee is making a media center for the iPad and iPhone  – and don’t forget, “Android experience is a plus”.

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January 8, 2010

Fresh from the CES introduction of the D-Link Boxee box and the all new and quite lovely remote control which accompanies it, the Boxee team last night announced the Boxee Beta is officially out, reports Distorted Loop.

The Beta is available for Mac, Windows and Ubuntu (including 64bit). The version is still not available for Apple TV, yet, but Boxee is working with the atv-creator community, and

January 5, 2010

We just got these pictures of Boxee’s new remote control. Perfect! QWERTY on one side, Apple Remoteish simplicity on the other. Hopefully, the D-link box will be just as good!

Boxee Box Remote Mock-Up



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December 30, 2009

D-Link and Boxee plan to introduce an iPhone application to enable remote control of the features of the two firm

December 8, 2009

The Boxee team – developers of the popular media streaming software that works with Macs and the Apple TV – last night announced D-Link as their first hardware partner (with an Apple TV-competing device that

November 12, 2009

They say competition is a gift to help you change, so good news for Apple TV fans as that particular set-top box now has even more competition when it comes to streaming entertainment, as the Boxee team have announced a partnership with a company which will bring a set top box equipped with the team

October 29, 2009

May 28, 2009

Hulu has spent the past few months in a cat and mouse game with Boxee and Plex, trying to block them from showing their content..  The Mac media centers keep finding a way around Hulu’s defenses to show Hulu content.  Then Hulu blocks them again.  etc etc.

We never understood why Hulu was so against these 3rd parties showing their content (and their commercials).  Now it all comes to light.

Hulu just put out their own desktop app.  It works with the Apple remote (and others) and only on Intel Macs over 2.0GHz with a 2Mb Internet connection.  Warning, there are some bugs and it isn’t as easy to close as it should be.  Download here.


Also, what will this mean for Apple TV?

February 18, 2009

Boxee got a little letter in the mail this week from ol’ Hulu requesting that they no longer incorperate Hulu in their little system.  Rather than go up against a consortium of the world’s biggest media companies, the team of programmers has complied and Hulu content will no longer be available on Boxee.  Remember, there is always Understudy or, even better, Plex for you Mac-equipped Hulu addicts.  AppleTV?  Notsomuch.

The official bad news from Boxee below:



For those of you following the Hulu / TV.com story, we wanted to share the news that Hulu has also requested to be removed from boxee at the request of their content partners. 
We’ve put up a blog post on our site (http://blog.boxee.tv/2009/02/18/the-hulu-situation/) giving a little more insight, but we wanted you to hear it from us first.

Here’s the text of our post:
we love Hulu. they have built a great product and brand (including one the best Superbowl ads this year). since our early days in private alpha, Hulu was the most requested site by our users. so we built support for browsing Hulu on boxee, reached out to Hulu, showed it to them, and on Oct 20th, 2008 shared it with our alpha testers (without a formal partnership with Hulu). the response has been amazing. people love watching many of their favorite shows on Hulu via boxee. last week we generated more than 100,000 streams for them…

two weeks ago Hulu called and told us their content partners were asking them to remove Hulu from boxee. we tried (many times) to plead the case for keeping Hulu on boxee, but on Friday of this week, in good faith, we will be removing it.  you can see their blog post about the issues they are facing there.

our goal has always been to drive users to legal sources of content that are publicly available on the Internet.  we have many content partners who are generating revenue from boxee users and we will work with Hulu and their partners to resolve the situation.

we will tell them how users love Hulu on boxee, why it represents a great opportunity for them to better engage with fans of their shows, how boxee can help in exposing their content to new people, and why they should be excited about future opportunities of working with us.

we will blog/tweet as soon as we have any updates and hopefully we’ll be able to bring back the Hulu experience to boxee sooner rather than later.


boxee press kit: http://drop.io/iloveboxee
boxee blog: http://blog.boxee.tv

December 4, 2008

Built on the back of the XBMC/Plex.app’s GPL’d hard work, Boxee is now rattling Apple’s cage just a bit harder.  Today they announced support for Netflix download service on all platforms except AppleTV (still working on that one).  They also added some other content sources:

  • a new Hulu – looks more like hulu.com, enables you to login (so you can get your Hulu Queue), works faster, and playback should be greatly improved on Apple TV
  • a new YouTube – new look, as well as higher quality video playback. some of these YouTube clips look pretty good on your 46” LCD
  • a new CNN, Flickr, Picasa and Apple Movie Trailers – we’ve re-written all of these plug-ins to work faster and look better
  • Boston Globe’s The Big Picture – it’s a great photo-blog, which we really like, and thought could be pretty cool in a 10-foot experience. if you’ll like it we could bring much more of these type of services (let us know!)
  • integration with MTV Music – when you click on an album you’ll see a new option to let you watch music videos of the artist. check it out. MTV said they can give us higher quality videos, and we have a few more ideas for providing a great music video experience on boxee
  • theWB – on our quest to bring more TV content to boxee theWB is the latest addition. it means shows like Buffy, Babylon5, Firefly, One Tree Hill and The O.C. are now available on boxee

on the bug fixing/polish front:

  • support for skip forward, rewind in Hulu, CBS, etc. – this is a big one.. should work now. the code behind it is sooo ugly that yuvalt had to chew on anti-nausea tablets while writing it
  • improved streaming of podcast, trailers and youtube videos – we rewrote the buffering/caching mechanism. Skip and rewind within video streams is now much better
  • more boxee less crashee – it’s still alpha, and it will crash from time to time (we promise), but this version is supposed to be more stable. we are trying to weed out those nasty bugs – help us out by submitting bugs to support@boxee.tv or post in our forum
  • faster scanning of local/network media – your movies, tv shows and albums should be identified faster. if you have a huge music collection then you could still cook a 7-course dinner, wash the dishes and read a telephone book before it will be done, but it’s greatly improved..
  • new on-screen keyboard – as dave described when he reported the bug “typing a URL with our on-screen keyboard is a once in a lifetime experience. you do it once, and never want to do it again”. so we made it a bit better
  • faster loading of the movies/music screen in case you have hundreds or thousands of albums..
  • fixes and new look for to the lyrics and subtitles features – the new auto-scroll of the lyrics is arbitrary… but sometimes it works pretty well. fooled me the first time I tried it

November 19, 2008

Apple tonight posted the version 2.3 ?TV software update.  While the updates (below) are somewhat substantial, the million dollar question is: did it kill Boxee?  (Answer Yes it did!)  Don’t upgrade  if you want to keep your Boxee!

In addition we are hearing reports that:


  • ?TV v2.3 fixes soft subtitles display. It no longer cuts them off and properly displays multiple lines.
  • It has newly added rentals and newly added purchases under movies.  As well as Recently Played, Highest Rated, and video playlists.
  • added proper hd logos to user encoded movies as well
  • Volume works with music videos, not just audio files.

    With volume control, and improved streaming artwork with the last Remote App update, I will use Apple TV as my server, and not my iMac in my office. Now, when I have parties, I can use my iPhone and friends can use the little white remote. There won’t be any confusion/mess. And it can play in my bedroom with Airpot Express and my bookshelf speakers.


    I’ve lost a "zone", since my iMac can’t act as a client to Apple TV. Not a big deal, but I hope they add this in an iTunes update 


October 21, 2008

Boxee, the XBMC adaptation for various platforms including the AppleTV has all kinds of news this week.  Firstly and formostly, they are now able to stream Hulu, MyspaceTV (whatever that is) and CBS programming to your AppleTV.  Oh, and Comedy Cental (Read: Daily Show and Colbert Report) too.  Very cool. They also have support from content from Last.fm and Flickr (AppleTV also does Flickr pictures) as of last month…. 


Yesterday afternoon boxee was selected by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and judges Ryan Block (gdgt), Molly Wood (Cnet), Jeff Pulver (VOIP/Online TV pioneer), and Kevin Kelly (Wired) as America’s Next Top Gadget (err, software?). boxee beat out hundreds of other companies to win the competition and will receive a turnkey exhibit booth at CES along with a check for $50,000.

But success can sometimes be fleeting and all of this attention may not be a good thing.  Its support of other technologies like Hulu is a hack and could be at one point or another pulled by updates from the content creators.  Also, as it is a USB dongle that goes on an AppleTV, could be foiled by an AppleTV upgrade in the near future if Apple deems it competition the the iTunes Music Store (with Hulu, it certainly seems like it could be).  Finally, the process of putting the image on a USB dongle and getting the AppleTV to boot from it isn’t a cakewalk for your average AppleTV customer.

All of that being said, it is a cool technology and the price is, as they say, free as in beer.

Mac Soda reported the news on Friday

April 24, 2013

Amazon reportedly plans to get into the set-top-box game this fall

Following in the footsteps of Apple and Google attempts at the set-top-box market, Amazon is planning to release a set-top-box, according to Bloomberg

They say the box will plug into TVs and give users access to Amazon’s expanding video offerings. Those include its a la carte Video on Demand store, which features newer films and TV shows, and its Instant Video service, which is free for subscribers to the Amazon Prime two-day shipping package. The Amazon set-top box will compete with similar products like the Roku, Apple TV and the Boxee Cloud DVR, along with more versatile devices like the Playstation 3 and the Xbox. An Amazon spokesperson declined to comment.

The device is reportedly being developed in Amazon’s Cupertino based labs and could launch this fall. The project is reportedly being spearheaded by a former Apple and Cisco employee:

The project is being run by Malachy Moynihan, a former vice president of emerging video products at Cisco (CSCO) who worked on the networking company’s various consumer video initiatives. Moynihan also spent nine years at Apple (AAPL) during the 1980s and 1990s.

Perhaps this future product is the reason that Apple and Amazon have no deal for Amazon content streaming on the Apple TV.

June 26, 2012

Brightcove announced today that it is moving at full steam to help developers create dual-screen television apps for Apple TV using its HTML app platform.

Chief Executive Jeremy Allaire is quite outspoken about Apple’s elusive television set (which jibes with our take), but aside from sounding off about the rumored product not being an actual HDTV, he showcased how streaming high-definition content from an iOS device through Apple TV is an ideal range of interactivity for app developers to tackle.

Brightcove launched its cloud-based App Cloud platform for painlessly building mobile apps just over a year ago, but now the company is making available a free version equipped with an open source SDK and a toolkit for the dual-screen applications market.

According to TechCrunch:

It’s more or less a freemium model for app building. With App Cloud Core you can build and release as many apps as you want. But if you want features like real-time analytics, push notifications, and native ads, you can upgrade to App Cloud Pro for $99 a month. And for those who need an even more robust feature set, there’s an enterprise version for high-volume apps with custom pricing plans based upon usage.

In addition to open sourcing App Cloud, it’s also pushing one particular feature set, which could change the way we watch TV. Its App Cloud Dual-Screen Solution for Apple TV uses a set of APIs that will allow tablet and mobile users to have a truly integrated second screen experience. By leveraging Apple’s AirPlay technology, App Cloud users can create applications that use the mobile device as the search and navigation, while the Apple TV plays back video.

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March 21, 2012

Following coming under a bit of heat for its report about the iPad running “significantly hotter than” iPad 2, Consumer Reports just published a review of the new Apple TV ahead of its full comprehensive testing. While the review could not help but praise the refreshed set-top box’s 1080p video support, Consumer Report’s “bottom line” is that the device is not worth the upgrade for second-generation Apple TV owners. It also claims the cheaper Roku and D-Link’s Boxee Box offer more content options: expand full story

January 25, 2012

Owners of the Apple TV set-top box around the world took to Twitter to complain about an unknown issue affecting the device’s ability to stream YouTube clips through the Internet section of the main menu. According to reports, attempting to play any YouTube clip produces this error message:

No content was found. There is a problem communicating with YouTube. Try again later.

It would appear that some sort of backend issue is to blame, but it is inconclusive. The problem persisted since the past couple days; with a bunch of posts over at the Apple Support Communities indicating it is widespread. One poster claimed an Apple representative advised him to contact Google because this is “a YouTube issue.”

It seems to be particularly bad in Japan, Australia, Canada and various European countries, including the United Kingdom, Scotland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, Denmark, Romania, Argentina and Croatia.

Not all users in the United States seem to be experiencing this issue, although some do. Resetting a router or the device will not help. Likewise, performing a factory restore to the latest 4.4.4 firmware did not do the trick for another poster. Some users are only able to see the videos in their History. Are you having same issues with your Apple TV? We would love to hear from you in the comments.

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