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iOS Devices Stories February 22, 2012

Apple Store in London’s world-famous Harrods department store opening mid-March, may signal iPad 3 launch date

In January, we broke the news that Apple plans to open a retail store inside of London’s world-famous Harrods department store. Harrods is a premier landmark with hundreds of individual shops and sections within the greater structure. The flurry of high-end brands within Harrods makes the store a logical spot for Apple to continue its […]

iOS Devices Stories March 26, 2012

Report: Apple to add Baidu to iOS search options next month

Reports are surfacing in China that claim Apple plans to integrate Baidu into iOS next month as the country’s possible default search function. According to Chinese news website Sina Tech (machine-translation): Sina Technology News on March 26 morning news, according to informed sources, Apple iOS operating system next month will be formally introduced Baidu search, Baidu […]

iOS Devices Stories March 13, 2012

Rumor wrap-up: Apple’s new iPad and 1080P Apple TV media event

In the weeks and months before Apple’s media events, the newswires are stormed by tons of reports about Apple’s upcoming announcements. Due to the frenzy, it is hard to keep track of who said what and when. Therefore, we are putting together the more notable calls and how those reports turned out: We did this for […]

iOS Devices Stories March 29, 2012

Apple generates four times more revenue for Google than Android devices

Google gave a testimony to Congress last year claiming it earned two-thirds of its mobile revenue from iOS devices, but now it seems as though the company’s estimate might have been low. Google made less than $550 million in revenues for Android between 2008 and 2011, while making four times as much revenue during the same […]

iOS Devices Stories April 10, 2012

How to add a USB Blu-ray player to your Mac for $42

With 1080P hitting the new iPad and Apple TV last month, some of you are perhaps now looking to send your Blu-ray collection over to iOS devices. Here is the easy part: Buy a Toshiba Lightscribe Blu-ray Player for just $42 with free shipping (via 9to5Toys). It also burns DVDs, and Lightscribe media will even […]

iOS Devices Stories October 1, 2012

Former Apple CEO discusses the genesis of ARM mobile processors that now power the world’s mobile devices [Video]

Former Apple CEO John Sculley recently attended a South Florida Technology Alliance event to discuss Apple and the genesis of tablet computing, specifically: the Newton MessagePad and ARM Processor. The MessagePad is the first series of ARM 610 RISC processor-based mobile devices developed by Apple for the Newton OS platform in 1993. Since then, it has become the dominant platform for mobile computing. […]

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