October 18

AAPL: 159.76


Delayed messages bug in High Sierra may relate to planned iCloud message syncing

Some macOS High Sierra users are reporting delays in receiving iMessages on their Macs, while also finding that they are no longer receiving iMessage notifications on their iOS devices and Apple Watches …

October 6

AAPL: 155.30


A new report from CNBC this evening claims that the Apple executive responsible for the company’s iCloud infrastructure has left the company. Eric Billingsley was Apple’s director of internet services operations, overseeing much of the iCloud backend…

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September 7

AAPL: 161.26


iCloud Mail seemingly experiencing widespread downtime

Update: iCloud Mail is back up after the downtime.

Apple’s iCloud Mail service appears to be experiencing a widespread outage this afternoon. Many users on Twitter report being unable to access their iCloud Mail accounts, while several 9to5Mac employees are seeing the same…

September 6

AAPL: 161.91


Moleskine’s new Smart Planner syncs handwritten schedules with iCloud and Google Calendar

Personally, I’m a paperless kind of guy, but if you prefer the old-fashioned look & feel of paper schedules, then Moleskine’s new Smart Planner aims to bring you the best of both worlds …

August 31

AAPL: 164.00


Analyst suggests Apple could bundle Apple Music & iCloud tier to boost iPhone 8 sales

Barclays really seems to think that Apple will struggle to persuade people to pay $1000+ for the iPhone 8. After last week making the far-fetched claim that the price is so high it would persuade iPhone owners to switch to Samsung, it’s now suggesting Apple might need to bribe people to buy the phone …

June 28

AAPL: 145.83


Apple’s iCloud Backup feature has been down for some users since yesterday

Apple this evening has updated its System Status webpage to reflect that a small number of people are unable to use iCloud Backup. According to Apple, the feature has been inaccessible since early yesterday morning, though it affects a small percentage of users…

June 20

AAPL: 145.01


Sporadic reports of ‘Verification failed’ messages on iCloud as Apple acknowledges Mail & Notes issues

We’re seeing sporadic reports of ‘Verification failed’ messages when attempting to login to iCloud on devices, with one user told by Apple that the issue is affecting a limited number of users …

June 8

AAPL: 154.99


As Apple boosts iCloud storage to 2TB, Amazon drops unlimited Drive down to 1TB

Just as Apple doubled its 1TB iCloud storage tier to 2TB for the same price, Amazon has dropped its unlimited storage tier down to 1TB. The change takes effect immediately for those who don’t have an existing unlimited data plan.

June 6

AAPL: 154.45


Apple has doubled the storage of its most expensive iCloud storage plan from 1 TB to 2 TB, retaining the same $9.99 per month price point. The old 1 TB plan is no longer available, so Apple still offers a total of three paid iCloud storage plans.

The company has also announced that multiple users will be able to share a single iCloud storage plan with Family Sharing in iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra.

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June 2

AAPL: 155.45


If you’ve recently gotten a new Apple Watch, or had yours replaced or unpaired for another reason you’ll likely want to restore it from a backup. Follow along for how to do so with an iCloud Backup.

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May 31

AAPL: 152.76


While Apple may be planning to unveil its ‘Siri Speaker’ next week at WWDC, Amazon is updating its Echo ecosystem to work with iCloud Calendars. Amazon’s Alexa app can now link Apple iCloud Calendars to enable Echo integration.

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May 26

AAPL: 153.61


iCloud offers a lot of convenience, and if you have an icloud.com or me.com email address you can use one account for access to your device backups, photos and videos, purchases, email, and more. Follow along for some basic tips and tricks for iCloud Mail, where to login with your iCloud account, and more.

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May 24

AAPL: 153.34


iCloud Music Library is a feature in iOS and macOS that allows you to access and synchronize your songs, albums, and playlists across all of your Apple devices signed into the same iCloud account. iCloud Music Library is similar to iCloud Photo Library, but of course for music. Follow along for more details…

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May 19

AAPL: 153.06


Russian software company ElcomSoft has made headlines in the past for making discoveries related to how Apple handles cloud data. Now, the company claims that Apple is holding onto deleted notes well past the thirty-day grace period during which they’re kept in the “Recently Deleted” folder…

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May 16

AAPL: 155.47


In its ongoing efforts to ensure strong security for customers, Apple will require the use of app-specific passwords from June 15th. This affects you if you use a third-party app that logs in with an iCloud email and password (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) to access contacts, calendar and mail messages.

If you don’t migrate to app-specific passwords by the June 15 deadline, then those apps will stop working. Luckily, it’s easy to fix: read on for step-by-step instructions on how to make app-specific passwords for your Apple ID.

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May 15

AAPL: 155.70


The various preferences in Photos for iCloud on iOS and macOS can be confusing to deal with. Let’s take a look at your choices when it comes to managing your photos and videos and what you should know about iCloud Photos.

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May 10

AAPL: 153.26


iCloud Keychain is a useful feature that allows you to save and synchronize login credentials and credit/debit card information for seamless use across your Apple devices. Let’s take a look at the different ways to utilize iCloud Keychain on an iPhone.

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April 28

AAPL: 143.65


Apple updates iCloud.com wallpaper from static gradient to dynamic blue bubbles background

Apple likes rolling out changes to iCloud.com at seemingly random times throughout the year. Today, it’s updated the iCloud.com background from a static blue-yellow seaside gradient to a moving animation that tracks your mouse cursor and mimics the blue Dynamic Wallpaper on iPhone and iPad, which Apple quickly ignored after its introduction in iOS 7.

April 22

AAPL: 142.27


Earlier this week, some iCloud users noticed that the $0.99/mo 50 GB and $2.99/mo 200 GB iCloud plans had seemingly disappeared. Furthermore, some users received emails informing them that their 50GB or 100GB plan had been discontinued. While the issues eventually resolved themselves, Apple today has sent out an email to affected customers offering a bit more insight…

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April 19

AAPL: 140.68


Update: Apple appears to have fixed the issues; the page is now accessible as normal. There are no changes to iCloud tiers or prices. Original story below.

The iCloud storage plan settings on iPhone, iPad and Mac are acting a bit strangely at the moment. For some users, the panel loads but the $0.99/mo 50 GB and $2.99/mo 200 GB iCloud plans have vanished completely, leaving only the $9.99 1 TB and $19.99 2 TB options.

For other iCloud accounts, the storage settings panel simply doesn’t load at all, instead displaying an error. Apple has not announced any changes to iCloud storage tiers, so this is most likely a server-side bug …

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