Apple this week has launched a new beta version of iCloud on the web with the overhauled Reminders app, a new launch screen, and more. The change was first pointed out by Federico Viticci on Twitter.

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How to reset your Powerbeats Pro earphones

Having trouble with Powerbeats Pro? Follow along for how to reset your Powerbeats Pro earphones and re-pair them to your iPhone and other devices.

August 21

How to clean your titanium Apple Card

Are you loving your beautiful Apple Card and want to know how to keep it in great condition? Read along as we look at the best ways to carry, store, and clean your titanium Apple Card.

A wireless phone charger isn’t the most obvious product from a company best-known for SD cards. But the SanDisk iXpand isn’t just a dumb charger: it also backs up your iPhone’s photos, videos, and contacts.

You might still question the product. After all, iCloud automatically backs up all three things anyway, and you can still do an iTunes backup if you don’t want to fork out for a paid iCloud storage tier. My own view, though, is you can never have too many backups — especially fully-automatic ones — and I’ll return to this point in the conclusions…

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Ecobee HomeKit Thermostat

August 20

Apple Card: How to opt out of the arbitration agreement

Apple Card launched to everyone in the United States today, with Apple also adding a new cash back offer for Uber. One thing to note with Apple Card, however, is that the terms and conditions specifically outline that you agree to arbitration. Thankfully, however, it’s relatively easy to opt-out. Here’s how to do that.

How to show battery percentage on iPhone X, XR, and XS

Noticed that your iPhone X, XR, or XS doesn’t show the battery percentage in the status bar? Read along for four ways to show your battery percentage on Apple’s recent iPhones.

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