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AAPL Company Stories May 31, 2011

Kara Swisher: Steve Jobs said "Android is a probe in your pocket"

More fun from the D9 event: Kara Swisher told Eric Schmidt that Steve Jobs told her “to do more privacy stories on Google” and that “Android is a probe in your pocket.”  The conversation would have been off the record until now. More at

AAPL Company Stories June 2, 2011

Apple goes after app4mac company, forces to change names

Apple looks like it is tightening its grip on the “App” and “Mac” naming rights area.  Last month, it forced App4mac to change its name.  Sure Apple is now in the Mac Apps game but the company in question is six years old and named itself App4Mac two years before iOS turned Applications into apps. […]

AAPL Company Stories January 19, 2012

Liveblog: Apple’s Education event in NYC

image via the Verge NOTE: The full coverage is right after the break. McGraw Hill CEO Terry ..wait for it.. McGraw is in attendance. 10:00am: Schiller time! “We’re proud to help students learn”…and “Students are being introducd to the iPad” 10:03: “In general Education is in the dark ages” 10:05: 20,000 EDU apps on iPad. […]

AAPL Company Stories August 26, 2011

Samsung no longer exclusive chip supplier as Apple turns elsewhere for A6 processor?

Samsung, a producer of critical parts for Apple’s gadgets, may be on the verge of suffering another financial blow from Apple. A new report alleges that the Cupertino, California-headquartered personal electronics maker began lining up alternative suppliers for the A6 chip. The in-house designed processor should debut in iPad 3 next year and eventually make […]

AAPL Company Stories June 25, 2012

Iran’s Apple product vendors say iOS devices flourish in capital despite US sanction

Apple product vendors in Iran are laughing at reports from last week about U.S. Apple Store employees refusing sales to Farsi-speaking customers.

According to a weekend story from the Agence France-Presse (via MSN News), iPhones and iPads are widespread throughout Iran’s capital:

One salesman who gave only his first name, Hossein, told AFP that he had sold 40 iPhones the day before, and explained that prices for Apple items in Iran were only around $50-$60 more than in the United States.

Hossein explained it is easy for traders to workaround the export restriction. He said Apple’s highly coveted products are smuggled into Iran through Iraq. He also noted practically everyone in Tehran owns an iOS device, while other salesclerks claimed several shops are “dressed up to look like official Apple Stores.”

Despite the vendors’ jibes, and their claims about Iran’s unwavering access to the Cupertino goods, many questioned Apple’s treatment of Farsi-speaking U.S. customers, which bordered on racial profiling. An Apple Store in Georgia apparently refused to sell iOS devices to an Alpharetta woman and her uncle, because they spoke Farsi, a Persian-Iranian language, to each other. Another customer, Zack Jafarzadeh, apparently received the same treatment at a different Apple Store in Atlanta when he accompanied a fluent friend to buy an iPhone.

Sabet and Jafarzadeh asserted that the Apple Stores racially profiled Iranians and discriminated against them. They further said Apple’s policy is both confusing and inconsistent.

A representative for the U.S. State Department clarified there was no policy or law that prohibits Apple from selling products in the U.S. to anybody intending to use them stateside, including customers of Iranian descent or citizenship, but customers do need a license to take the “high-technology goods” to Iran.

Apparently, though, at least to a few vendors in Iran, that license is a joke.

AAPL Company Stories June 27, 2012

iOS 6 Apple TV beta 2 lets you reorganize icons with wiggle mode

We told you the other day that Apple began seeding the iOS 6.0 Beta 2 OTA update to developers with an update to Apple TV beta 2. One new feature of the Apple TV update spotted by (via MacRumors) is the ability to reorganize icons on the main UI. Much like the wiggling animation when reordering icons on iOS devices, holding the Select button will allow you to move icons while others reorder automatically the same as on iPhone and iPad. The feature, unlike on other iOS devices, only activates the mode for the currently selected icons, opposed to sending all icons into “wiggle mode”, and does not yet allow icons to be deleted.

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