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AAPL Company Stories November 23, 2010

Reader tips: Extending AirPlay, AirPrint support

We know it was possible to print to non-HP printers at some point during the iOS 4.2 beta testing process, equally we also know that it was possible to use AirPlay on an iPhone 3G and a second-generation iPod touch. These uses disappeared, but trust to the ever inventive Mac dev community to figure out […]

AAPL Company Stories September 17, 2010

Airplay is Apple’s ‘Go to Market’ Internet TV strategy

Jobs’ war on Flash video and growing  iOS device line have all led up to this… [vodpod id=Video.4289468&w=650&h=425&] Steve Jobs told the AllThingsD audience a few months ago that the reason no one including Google and Apple have been successful in the TV space is that they lacked a successful ‘Go to market TV strategy’. […]

AAPL Company Stories September 6, 2010

Apple sells over 6 million iOS devices/month

Computerworld: There’s so much hysterical coverage of the great Apple versus Android war it sure is easy to get confused by all the claims and counter-claims: is the iOS really six times more popular for Web browsing than Android, or is it really only twice as popular? And is Apple now selling 6 million iOS […]

AAPL Company Stories June 4, 2011

Apple may surprise with June 14 launch of Mac OS X Lion

While Apple has publicly acknowledged that they are tracking a summer release window for their upcoming Mac OS X Lion release, sources have indicated to 9to5Mac that Apple may surprise customers with a Tuesday, June 14 launch of the next-generation Mac operating system. Our sources could not confirm with certainty that the launch will take […]

AAPL Company Stories February 11, 2011

Sony hints at removing its music from iTunes

Bob Dylan in Apple’s Think different campaign In an interview with TheAge Sony executive Michael Ephraim hinted that Sony may pull its iTunes music content from Apple’s store over a fallout with the company. At the end of January Apple rejected the Sony ebook reader application from the iOS App Store leading to this fallout […]

AAPL Company Stories January 5, 2011

Reviews: A little Mac App Store info-nugget

We’re all agog waiting on the introduction of the Mac App Store tomorrow (Jan 6). It seems likely to eclipse the CES clamor. Now we have this tiny nugget to share: You’ll be able to review Mac Apps just like you review iOS apps. Sure, we know this isn’t a massive surprise: stop and think […]

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