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Apple Stories November 6, 2019

Just how secure is the iPhone on iOS 13? Apple’s newest privacy site is a deep dive explainer

Apple doesn’t just vaguely tout privacy as a feature in its products. It also has a dedicated website at that explains exactly how privacy features work in detail. Apple is updating its user-friendly privacy site today for the fourth year in a row with a focus on new benefits in iOS 13, iPadOS 13, […]

Apple Stories September 6, 2010

Apple sells over 6 million iOS devices/month

Computerworld: There’s so much hysterical coverage of the great Apple versus Android war it sure is easy to get confused by all the claims and counter-claims: is the iOS really six times more popular for Web browsing than Android, or is it really only twice as popular? And is Apple now selling 6 million iOS […]

Apple Stories December 8, 2010

Epic Games' Infinity Blade hits the App Store

Epic Games has finally launched their anticipated Infinity Blade game for iOS. The fighting game relies heavily on multitouch gestures and works off of Epic’s “unreal engine” technology original showcased in Epic Citadel. Above is the game’s trailer and here is where you can get it as a universal binary for $6.

Apple Stories May 31, 2011

Kara Swisher: Steve Jobs said "Android is a probe in your pocket"

More fun from the D9 event: Kara Swisher told Eric Schmidt that Steve Jobs told her “to do more privacy stories on Google” and that “Android is a probe in your pocket.”  The conversation would have been off the record until now. More at

Apple Stories June 7, 2011

Exploit found to bypass iOS 5 activation allowing non-developers to install

Before we even start, obviously this is something that isn’t covered by warranty and may destroy your phone.  Once you go to iOS 5, you cant go back. APPLE WILL LIKELY FIX THIS IN AN UPCOMING iOS 5 UPDATE AND YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO USE YOUR DEVICE (until iOS 5 final is released or a developer […]

Apple Stories June 8, 2011

Here are your Apple Design Award Winners

The winners were announced at WWDC yesterday: iPhone Developer Showcase Infinity Blade Chair Entertainment Group, LLC Golfscape GPS Rangefinder Shotzoom Software LLC Cut the Rope Chillingo Ltd iPad Developer Showcase djay for iPad algoriddim GmbH Osmos for iPad Hemisphere Games, Inc. Our Choice Push Pop Press Mac Developer Showcase Capo SuperMegaUltraGroovy Pixelmator Pixelmator Team Ltd […]

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