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iOS Devices Stories March 6, 2009

Snow Leopard goes 64-Bit, to be released on June 8th with Stevo?

World of Apple is publishing (naughty, naughty) Apple’s Snow Leopard release notes, below, which include a new Quicktime Player UI, a new Cocoa Desktop, Info Window and Contextual Menus and of course the new Safari 4 Web Browser.  All good news, but there seem to be some big hurdles to overcome by June..June you say? […]

iOS Devices Stories November 23, 2010

Reader tips: Extending AirPlay, AirPrint support

We know it was possible to print to non-HP printers at some point during the iOS 4.2 beta testing process, equally we also know that it was possible to use AirPlay on an iPhone 3G and a second-generation iPod touch. These uses disappeared, but trust to the ever inventive Mac dev community to figure out […]

iOS Devices Stories October 1, 2010

Logitech launches Google TV family next week

Apple faces renewed competition on October 6 when Logitech is inviting media to attend the launch of its first Google TV device. This will be followed scant days later by Sony, which will host its own Google TV launch event on October 12.

iOS Devices Stories October 10, 2010

Jailbroken AppleTV might shed light on future of Apple computers

Original Mac Mini vs. new AppleTV We’ve been able to verify that the Limera1n does work on AppleTVs (TUAW also) though no apps run on it and OpenSSH isn’t yet available. But soon, you’ll be able to punch though into your AppleTV box and have a pretty basic Unix machine with a command line interface […]

iOS Devices Stories September 17, 2010

Airplay is Apple’s ‘Go to Market’ Internet TV strategy

Jobs’ war on Flash video and growing  iOS device line have all led up to this… [vodpod id=Video.4289468&w=650&h=425&] Steve Jobs told the AllThingsD audience a few months ago that the reason no one including Google and Apple have been successful in the TV space is that they lacked a successful ‘Go to market TV strategy’. […]

iOS Devices Stories August 2, 2010

FaceTime over 3G [Video]

As MuscleNerd called it, “killer-app.” — It truly is. 


Seth couldn’t tell the difference between the 3G FaceTime call and a WiFi FaceTime call; the quality is that good. 

Setup Instructions:

1) Jailbreak your iPhone 4 via

2) Download and upgrade to the latest Cydia package.

3) Open Cydia, Go to Manage then Sources.

4) Click Sources, Edit then add:

5) Search for “My3G” — download, and install it.

6) Go through the Rock setup process with a username and password. Open My3G and leave all settings on the default. 

7) FaceTime should now work over 3G! — Make sure to “Forget” the WiFi network you are on (via iOS settings) if you want to test it. 

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