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iPhone Stories October 16

Reliable leaker suggests under-display Touch ID is coming to the iPhone

A cryptic new leak today suggests that Apple is developing new technology to bring Touch ID functionality back to the iPhone. While the iPad Air just added Touch ID to the power button, Apple is reportedly working to add Touch ID functionality under the iPhone’s screen.

iPhone Stories September 23

Feature Request: Allow our Apple Watch to unlock our iPhone and iPad

Face ID is normally a completely seamless way to unlock an iPhone and iPad: just swipe up and it unlocks automatically. At a time when we’re frequently wearing masks, however, it’s rather less seamless. So we’d like to see Apple allow an unlocked Apple Watch to automatically unlock an iPhone and iPad …

iPhone Stories August 10

Kuo: WeChat ban could significantly hurt iPhone sales

The Trump executive order banning US companies from having a business relationship with WeChat has many ramifications, and analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is concerned that the hit to iPhone sales will be significant. If the order is implemented in full, it would see WeChat being removed from the App Store worldwide. WeChat is a critically important […]

Opinion: WeChat threat is Cook’s greatest Trump challenge yet

A report earlier today cited a potentially huge WeChat threat to the future of the iPhone in China. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is concerned that the Trump administration could force Apple to remove the WeChat app not just from the US App Store, but globally. Kuo warned that this could see a massive 30% reduction in […]

iPhone Stories July 13

iPhone slowed down by throttling? Cash payouts coming in Batterygate lawsuit

Earlier this year, Apple agreed to pay out up to $500 million to settle a class action lawsuit in the United States over its decision to throttle iPhone performance when battery health declined. Now, a new website has been set up for affected iPhone owners to be able to submit a claim for payout.

iPhone Stories May 16

Apple’s $500 million iPhone throttling settlement receives preliminary approval

In March, Apple agreed to pay $500 million to settle a United States lawsuit over iPhone performance throttling. Now, the judge in that case has given the deal preliminary approval, with final approval slated to come later.

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