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iPhone Stories March 31

Tips and tricks for backing up the data from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Today, March 31 is World Backup Day – a good reminder to check in on how your device backups are looking. Even with Apple’s high-quality products, it’s important to backup regularly. No device works flawlessly all the time and there are many scenarios outside of device failure when a backup is crucial like upgrading, accidents, […]

iPhone Stories March 1

Report: Side effect of Apple’s increasing garden walls is better hiding places for elite hackers

A new report today in the MIT Technology Review dives into Apple’s continued work on device and software security and the potential unintended consequences. While almost all experts agree that the walled garden approach to iPhone has solved major security issues, some are sharing the concern that it’s also giving the world’s top hackers a […]

iPhone Stories March 2

Smartphone addiction affects 40% of college students, says study

Smartphone addiction affects almost 40% of college students, impacting the quality of their sleep, according to a new study. However, some academics take issue with the findings, arguing there is no such thing …

iPhone Stories March 5

Apple Glasses, folding iPhone, Apple Car: What rumored product are you most excited for? [Poll]

Over the next four years, Apple has some really compelling new products that could make it to market. When it comes to iPhone, Apple will likely realize its goal to create a single slab of glass by eliminating the notch and could also debut its first foldable. In the AR/VR space, we should see Apple’s […]

iPhone Stories January 28

Apple’s blowout quarter saw the highest iPhone sales ever, says IDC

Apple announced yesterday that the final quarter of last year was an all-time record for the company, and IDC says it also recorded the highest iPhone sales ever. While Apple revealed iPhone sales in terms of revenue at $65.6B, it was left to market intelligence companies to estimate what that means in unit shipments. Three […]

iPhone Stories January 29

Best iPhone and iPad multi-device chargers for families

Whether finding a charger in your house is a constant challenge, you want to make a central hub for your family’s devices, or just want to tame a rat’s nest of wires and cables, follow along for a look at some of the best multi-device chargers for families when it comes to iPhone, iPad, MacBooks, […]

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