AAPL: 154.80


Intel has reportedly delayed the launch of its Cannon Lake laptop processors until the end of 2018, putting the CPU architecture a full 18 months behind its original target of mid-2017.

The delay raises questions about both processors and maximum RAM for next year’s MacBook Pro models …

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September 9

AAPL: 158.63


In this week’s top stories: We get our hands on the iOS 11 GM and dig up a slew of details about the ‘iPhone X’ and new Apple Watch, while a pair of reports suggest the flagship iPhone won’t be released until October. We also get a few more details about Steve Jobs Theater. Read on for the full roundup… expand full story

September 8

AAPL: 158.63


[UPDATE: We’ve got our hands on an upcoming build of iOS 11 that includes new wallpapers, the first look at the LTE Apple Watch, and plenty of new iPhone 8 details.]

Apple’s first-ever event at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino is happening on Tuesday, and it will be jam-packed with announcements and new products. We’re expecting three new flagship iPhones including a redesigned model which may start around $1000, a new Apple Watch with LTE, a new Apple TV with 4K HDR, and much more. Here’s everything to watch for at Apple’s upcoming keynote…

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September 6

AAPL: 161.91


We’re less than a week away from one of the biggest Apple events of all-time. Next week, Tim Cook will take the stage at the Steve Jobs Theater to officially unveil Apple’s three new iPhones to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone back in 2007.

This year’s flagship iPhone 8 will include a host of changes, some being radical departures from how we’ve grown accustomed to using our smartphones over recent years. Because of these dramatic changes, this year’s iPhone event will depend more on demos than ever before, and we should expect Cook and other Apple executives to spend the majority of their time showing off these changes…

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September 5

AAPL: 162.08


Update: The popular third-party macOS Apple Events app has also been updated for next week’s event.

Apple this evening has updated its Apple Events app for Apple TV ahead of next week’s iPhone 8 showcase. The update brings the app in line with the color scheme used on Apple’s invites for the iPhone event. Apple is also promoting its September Special Event on its website with a landing page…

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August 31

AAPL: 164.00


A supply-chain source is echoing an earlier rumor that Apple is planning on an even larger OLED iPhone next year.

Hinting at a source within Samsung Display, the report suggests that next year’s iPhone will be offered in two sizes: a 5.85-inch one with the same screen size as the iPhone 8, and a larger 6.46-inch ‘Plus’ model …

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August 29

AAPL: 162.91


Amazon Prime Video support may not arrive with 4K Apple TV next month

Tim Cook said at WWDC that Amazon’s Prime Video service would be arriving on Apple TV this summer, but a new report now says that may not be the case.

August 24

AAPL: 159.27


[Update: Cook traveled to Iowa and met with Governor Reynolds. Apple has shared an official press release on the new data center, which will be 400,000 square feet and run on 100% sustainable energy.]

Tim Cook visited one of Apple’s third-party partners in Cincinnati this morning and is reported to be arriving next in Des Moines, Iowa as a press conference will share more about the company’s plans for its latest data center.

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August 23

AAPL: 159.98


Apple plans to build next U.S. data center in Iowa

Apple’s next plans to expand its data centers in the U.S. are for a facility to be built in Waukee, Iowa.

August 20

AAPL: 157.50


iTunes U Collections will move to Apple Podcasts next month

Apple’s iTunes U Collections will move to Apple Podcasts next month with the release of iTunes 12.7. As the company removes iTunes U from the macOS/PC iTunes app, Apple is encouraging users to access and utilize the content from the iOS or Apple TV app.

August 18

AAPL: 157.50


Companies in the Apple Watch supply chain say that orders continue to rise, with 4.5m shipments expected in the final quarter of the year. This would take total shipments for the year to 15m units.

The same sources say that they expect this number to increase to 20m in 2018 …

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August 16

AAPL: 160.95


Continuing their showcase of new and upcoming artists, Apple Music has announced Daniel Caesar as this month’s Up Next artist. As with previous artists, Caesar’s showcase includes a documentary, an Up Next Session, and an interview with Beats 1’s Ebro Darden.

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[Update: Bloomberg cooberates.]

Apple appears to be taking original content production very seriously. Building on significant talent hires, the Wall Street Journal writes Apple has readied a $1 billion budget to ‘procure and produce’ content over the next year.

The report says the sum is about half what HBO spent on production last year. Apple could launch up to ten new shows, with Apple SVP Eddy Cue said to have ambitions to offer shows that rival Game of Thrones.

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August 5

AAPL: 156.39


The Unicode Consortium this week has outlined 67 new emoji that are currently under consideration for inclusion in the Unicode 11 standard set for release next year. The new emoji are currently in draft status, meaning they could change or be cut before the public release next year…

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In this week’s top stories: Firmware from Apple’s HomePod speaker offers a slew of iPhone 8 details, AAPL reports its earnings for a strong Q3 2017, and reports offer insight on the next-generation Apple Watch. Read on for all of this week’s news…   expand full story

August 4

AAPL: 156.39


[Update: John Gruber adds that a new form factor is coming this year too:

“It’s hard to overstate just how big a deal this could be. No mention in Businessweek’s report, though, of the all-new form factor that I’ve heard is coming for this year’s new watches.”

This would mark the first external change since the Apple Watch debuted.]

[Update 2: Gruber has backtracked that claim a bit: “That tidbit came from an unconfirmed little birdie, though, so I wouldn’t bet the house on it.”]

Bloomberg reports that Apple is planning to release an updated Apple Watch model by the end of this year with built-in cellular connectivity. Bringing cellular connectivity to the Apple Watch has been rumored before but didn’t ship with the last revision which instead focused on GPS.

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Apple may be planning to launch an updated version of the iPhone SE with a faster chip early next year, according to at least one rumor. Apple upgraded the storage options for the current iPhone SE earlier this year, but the processor and other specs remained the same.

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August 3

AAPL: 155.57


Beyond Portrait Mode … next-generation computational photography technique demonstrated [Video]

A former Google SVP recently praised Apple’s use of computational photography to achieve shallow depth of field shots with the dual camera on the iPhone 7 Plus. A research team has now developed a next-generation computational photography technique that allows you change the perspective of a photograph after it has been taken – including achieving effects not possible with conventional cameras …

July 31

AAPL: 148.73


Apple releases star-packed Carpool Karaoke trailer ahead of debut next week

We’re just over a week away from the debut of the new Carpool Karaoke series on Apple Music, and Apple is ramping up promotion with a new celebrity-packed trailer.

July 28

AAPL: 149.50


Apple is due to report its fiscal Q3 (calendar Q2) earnings on Tuesday, having issued revenue guidance of $43.5-45.5B.

Anything in this range would represent a year-on-year improvement over Q3 2016’s number of $42.36B, but most analysts are expecting the company to get close to the high end …

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