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July 24

Inventor of stereo headphones accuses Apple of infringing patents on wireless ones

Koss, the US company which created the first-ever high-fidelity stereo headphones, is suing Apple, accusing the AirPods maker of infringing five patents on wireless headphones. The claim is made against both AirPods and Beats wireless headphones. Much of the court filing reads like an extended ad for the company’s achievements, and the specific claims suggest […]

August 3

Firm accusing Apple of patent infringement wants to ban Siri in China

A Chinese company that has accused Apple of patent infringement wants to ban Siri in China until the case is finally decided. It is asking the court for an injunction of the sale of all products which include Siri – which is almost everything Apple makes. The application follows an earlier court victory in which […]

July 16

Patent describes how you could control Apple Glasses with your eyes

There have been signs that Apple is making notable progress on its long-rumored Apple Glasses product, and a new patent application describes how you could control Apple Glasses with your eyes. It’s not the first time Apple has described using eyes as an input mechanism. An earlier patent application described how tracking the direction in […]

July 21

Apple over-ear headphones may use gesture controls with ‘rotation detection’

We don’t know too much yet about the long-rumored Apple over-ear headphones, but a patent published today describes a couple of features that the company has at least considered: gesture controls, and rotation detection. The two features would work in tandem …

July 29

Anker’s latest charging gear from $12, latest MacBook Pro $100 off, more in today’s best deals

Wednesday’s best deals include discounts on Anker’s latest charging gear from $12, a new Mac and iPad sale at B&H, as well as official Apple accessories from $19. Hit the jump for all that and more in the latest 9to5Toys Lunch Break.

July 30

Telegram is the latest company to make antitrust complaint against Apple

Just one day after Apple was questioned by the House Judiciary Committee, another antitrust complaint against Apple has been made – this time by secure messaging app Telegram. The Financial Times reports that Telegram submitted the complaint to the European Union’s competition regulator …

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