October 16

AAPL: 159.88


Update: Apple says it will appeal.

We may have finally reached the finale in Apple’s years-long patent case with VirnetX. The firm announced on Monday that it was awarded $439.7 million in its case against Apple over patents it claims Apple used for iMessage and FaceTime.

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October 5

AAPL: 155.39


Anyone who’s ever had a blood pressure test will know that it normally involves an inflatable cuff that squeezes your arm until it cuts off circulation, then gradually deflates it, measuring the point at which circulation first resumes and then returns to normal.

But an Apple patent published today describes a clever method for calculating blood pressure using nothing more than an Apple Watch with a sensor-equipped band …

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The best 4K & 5K displays for Mac

October 4

AAPL: 153.48


A new report from Bloomberg goes into detail about how relations between Apple and Qualcomm soured so quickly, after years of collaboration, featuring quotes from Qualcomm executives and excerpts from a new interview with Apple SVP Bruce Sewell.

Sewell points out that the Qualcomm modem inside an iPhone costs Apple about $18. In addition, Apple has to pay 5 percent of the phone’s sale price. It is that royalty that Apple deems exorbitant and unfair.

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September 28

AAPL: 153.28


One of the features Apple emphasized for its upcoming HomePod speaker is what the company refers to as ‘spatial awareness.’

HomePod uses spatial awareness to sense its location in a room and automatically adjust the audio. [This] automatic room-sensing technology allows HomePod to quickly learn its position in a room, whether it’s in a corner, on a table or in a bookshelf, and within seconds, is perfectly optimized to deliver an immersive music listening experience wherever it is placed.

This is a more efficient version of a semi-manual audio adjustment process used by other high-end speaker systems like Sonos and Naim. But a new Apple patent application published today suggests that future versions may go further …

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September 12

AAPL: 160.86


Apple patents easy way to get a lost iPhone back to its owner

Find My iPhone is a great feature to have if you’ve ever realised you’ve misplaced your iPhone. You can not only track the device, but also post a message on the Lock screen asking a finder to contact you …

September 7

AAPL: 161.26


Apple patent describes using backlight to strobe to music, and to act as safety light for runners

An Apple patent filed back in May and published today describes how an iDevice backlight could serve as a strobe light. Apple gives a couple of examples of how this might be used …

August 31

AAPL: 164.00


Yet another patent shows Apple Pencil being used with an iPhone, smaller Pencil too?

We’ve had a series of clues now that Apple is at least experimenting with Apple Pencil support for the iPhone, and a new one has emerged today …

August 24

AAPL: 159.27


Almost a year ago, a comment by Tim Cook suggested that he had experienced using an Apple Pencil on an iPhone.

If you’ve ever seen what can be created with that pencil on an iPad or an iPhone, it’s really unbelievable.

Patently Apple later spotted a series of patents describing just this, and two more have been published today …

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August 8

AAPL: 160.08


Qualcomm last month officially filed a patent infringement suit against Apple, seeking an import ban on select iPhone models. Now, the chipmaker has announced that the International Trade Commission has commenced an investigation into Apple based on its complaint…

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An Apple patent granted today describes how the front-facing camera, light sensor and proximity sensor found in existing iPhones could be used for health measurements.

The electronic device uses one or more of the camera and the proximity sensor to emit light into a body part of a user touching a surface of the electronic device and one or more of the camera, the ambient light sensor, and the proximity sensor to receive at least part of the emitted light reflected by the body part of the user. The electronic device computes health data of the user based upon sensor data regarding the received light.

It also considers using additional sensors mounted in the same area for further health measurements …

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July 28

AAPL: 149.50


Nokia has disclosed that Apple made a $2 billion cash payment last quarter as part of the deal to settle patent disputes between the companies. Specific details of the settlement were previously not reported. Nokia has also revealed more information about how Apple and Nokia will work together going forward.

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July 27

AAPL: 150.56


A Florida-based digital video company is suing Apple over a Siri feature of the fourth-generation Apple TV. The company, CustomPlay, says that it originally created the Apple TV and Siri feature that allows users to ask “what did he say?” to rewind and rewatch a short section of the video.

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Rumors that Apple is working on augmented reality glasses have been growing for some time, and a patent application published today shows how the same approach might be adapted to both a smartphone screen and smart glasses. It also describes how the two devices might be used in tandem.

This embodiment is particularly useful when using a head-mounted display comprising the camera and the screen. For example, the head-mounted display is a video-see-through head-mounted display (HMD). It is typically not possible for the user to touch the head-mounted screen in a manner like a touchscreen. However, the camera that captures an image of the real environment may also be used to detect image positions of the user’s finger in the image. The image positions of the user’s finger could be equivalent to touching points touched by the user’s finger on the touchscreen …

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July 25

AAPL: 152.74


Apple today has been ordered by a U.S. judge to pay $507 million in damages to the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s patent licensing arm for patent infringement. The ruling comes after the case’s jury ruled Apple owed $234 million, making the judge’s decision nearly double that of the jury (via Reuters).

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July 18

AAPL: 150.08


Apple today has been granted a handful of new patents, some of which are more notable than others. Such patents include one for an iPhone “smart dock” with Siri built-in, a new 911 calling method, and more.

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July 6

AAPL: 142.73


As it continues its ongoing battle with Apple, Qualcomm today has officially filed a patent infringement lawsuit against the company, seeking an import ban on the iPhone. This move was first reported earlier this year, but Qualcomm today made it official.

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We’ve been hearing a lot about the 3D camera system in the iPhone 8 being capable of facial recognition to allow automatic login without Touch ID or passcode. A new patent application published today suggests that Apple also wants to bring this capability to future Macs.

But Apple has more in mind that just a simple unlock function …

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June 20

AAPL: 145.01


Apple has today been granted a patent for augmented reality apps for interior design and animated movie posters. The patent award comes the day after we learned more about plans for an AR app in partnership with Swedish furniture company Ikea.

Apple recently announced ARKit as part of iOS 11, providing hands-on demos at WWDC …

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June 13

AAPL: 146.59


A series of apparent iPhone 8 leaks still haven’t answered one of the biggest questions about this year’s flagship iPhone: will the fingerprint sensor be embedded into the display?

We know that Apple has numerous patents for this type of embedded fingerprint technology, and it also appears clear that the display will occupy almost the entire front face of the device, but some claimed leaks do show a fingerprint sensor on the back of the case. I’ve discussed a third option, where a Touch Bar element appears to be part of the display, and a patent published today raises a fourth possibility …

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May 27

AAPL: 153.61


Apple is no stranger to lawsuits from patent trolls, having been a target numerous times in the past. Now, the company has been hit with a trio of patent infringement lawsuits from Uniloc, a non-practicing entity who has filed the suits in the patent troll-friendly Eastern Texas District Court. Uniloc alleges that Apple infringes upon its patents with AirPlay, autodial, and battery charging…

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