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January 7

Hyundai Motor confirms talks with Apple for potential Apple Car production

As we’ve been hearing more rumors about the “Apple Car” in recent weeks, it seems that Apple is indeed in talks with automakers to produce its first electric car. Following a report from the Korean website Hankyung, Hyundai confirmed that it’s having early discussions with Apple about producing its new car.

Bloomberg: Apple Car team adds more ex-Tesla executives, release at least 5-7 years away

A new report from Bloomberg today offers new details on Apple’s ongoing efforts to build a self-driving electric car. According to the report, Apple has a “small team” working on Apple Car, but a release is likely at least five to seven years away. The Apple Car team has also added even more former Tesla […]

December 21, 2020

Reuters: Apple Car could begin production in 2024 with ‘breakthrough battery technology’

Apple Car rumors have been floating around for years, and a new report from Reuters today shed more light on the highly-secretive project. According to the report, production of the electric Apple Car could start as early as 2024, and Apple is once again planning to build its own branded vehicle.

December 23, 2020

Opinion: Here are some important questions about an Apple Car we should keep in mind

We’ve known that Apple has been working on a car for around six years now. Apple always tries to do their work in secret, but whenever they attempt to enter an entirely new industry it inevitably leaks out. We haven’t heard much about ‘Project Titan’ as we believe it’s been dubbed internally, in quite some […]

December 8, 2020

Bloomberg: Apple self-driving car leadership shifts to AI boss as Bob Mansfield ‘fully’ retires

A new report from Bloomberg today details that Apple has shifted the leadership of its self-driving car project to John Giannandrea, its senior vice president of machine learning and AI strategy. According to the report, “hundreds of engineers” from Project Titan have shifted to the artificial intelligence and machine learning group.

December 9, 2020

Report: Apple working with TSMC on self-driving car chips, model is ‘similar to Tesla’

A sketchy report from Digitimes today claims that Apple is trudging ahead with work on its self-driving car project. The report says that Apple is working with TSMC on self-driving chips and exploring the possibility of some sort of factories in the United States.

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