June 24, 2011

We’re not exactly sure what’s going on here, but Skype apparently posted a promotional video for an official iPad application this morning. The video has been deleted (if it ever existed) but it looks like the real thing, based on a purported  re-upload by RazorianFly. If legit, Skype for iPad looks amazing, has video calling, 3G and WiFi support, and an easy to navigate interface with animations and clean graphics. Real or fake?

Update: A Skype executive confirmed it’s legit to TUAW.

Try your luck below…

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December 16, 2011

Siri now lets users access the entire Best Buy product catalog

As noted by RazorianFly, Siri can now help users retrieve the best deals for consumer electronics and gadgets sold at Best Buy. How does she handle this, you might ask? Well, Siri gets some of its answers from the acclaimed answer-engine Wolfram|Alpha. Wolfram Research announced yesterday they are leveraging data from Best Buy’s public application […]

August 24, 2011

Apple sent out an email to devs earlier today announcing a new tool available via developer.apple.com that will allow you to “retrieve your daily and weekly reports” from the iTunes Connect Sales and Trends module. The Java-based script runs on all operating systems running Java 1.6 and up.

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Sylvania HomeKit Light Strip

February 11, 2011

iPhoneDownloadBlog points to an upcoming jailbreak-only tweak, which promises turn-by-turn voice navigation for the native iPhone Google Maps application. The tweak is said to be “coming soon” to Cydia with no specific launch of pricing information being available at this time. Turn-by-turn voice navigation in iPhone Google Maps has long been a popular feature request, and hopefully Apple brings it natively in future iOS upgrades. (via RazorianFly)

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January 5, 2011

RazorianFly got a leaked screenshot out of the Mac App Store of Twitter for Mac. This is essentially Tweetie 2 but rebranded by Twitter. We assume Twitter for Mac will be free and it looks pretty neat. It has native retweeting support, realtime updates, and drag and drop tweets. Look out for it tomorrow on the Mac App Store.

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June 23, 2011

Unofficial widgets for jailbroken iOS 5 devices: SpringPrefs (left) and Music Center (right)

The Apple patent win for the original iPhone interface has generated a lot of buzz, also causing quite a turmoil among industry watchers for fears that the California-based gadget maker would sue rivals that dare implement capacitive multitouch interfaces. That patent, however, also holds interesting clues hidden from plain sight that point to third-party widgets for the iOS 5 Notification Center. RazorianFly explains:

As seen above, Apple specifically mentions “User-Created Widget(s)” as well as something called the“Widget Creator Module”. Apple’s market-blowing patent describes the possible user-creation of such widgets, which could, (theoretically), run on devices such as the iPhone, and iPad.

With patent clues and iOS 5 hooks in place, all Apple needs to do is enable some public APIs to allow for the creation and installation of third-party widgets in the iOS 5 Notification Center…

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