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iOS Devices Stories May 11, 2007

iPhone for Business? It's All About the Browser Platform

business phone of the futureLately there’s been a lot of discussion in the blogosphere and beyond about whether or not the iPhone is a viable business tool. Most people cite Apple’s closed development environment, lack of strong application support and virtually non-existent enterprise legacy tools as reasons the iPhone will flop in Business – just ask impartial pundit Steve Ballmer..I am here to tell you it will be successful – perhaps only in isolated industries and for reasons that aren’t really being discussed in detail.



iOS Devices Stories May 16, 2007

Flappy the Dolphin reviews the iPhone

To plagiarize:

Like everyone, I got seriously geeked the moment I saw Steve Jobs introduce the Apple iPhone ($599, Cingular/AT&T only; HH)
at Macworld. It seemed to be what every gadget-obsessed dolphin is
looking for in a next-generation handheld: sleek, stylish, and multi-
functional. And what’s more, it had a delightful wallpaper with a
placid marine setting.

In the four months since its unveiling, I’ve been swimming back and
forth, just waiting for my chance to try it out. Then, out of the blue,
I was contacted last week and asked if I wanted to give it a test run.
Does a tuna taste delicious?

iOS Devices Stories June 4, 2007

The Anatomy of a Double Digg

So I happened to be talking to a friend who works for Apple, who was also a bit drunk AND mad at his boss who had been giving him some shit. It turns out he was willing to spill some info about upcoming products and didn’t seem to mind too much who found out (managers of employees with privileged info, remember not to be dicks). So while he (yes, Steve Jobs I’ve narrowed your employee search in half) was willing to give me some juicy stuff on some upcoming events, little did I know my ISP wasn’t up for it.

iOS Devices Stories June 9, 2007

More WWDC Speculation…YouTube on iPhone?

Edit: Thanks to Gizmodo to pointing to our article. You guys know a good lead when you see it!

iphone meets youtubeObviously Apple and Google are the best of buds these days. There seems to be no end to the sharing that’s going on between them. With the torrent of rumors that are exploding all around the web and the announcements sure to come at WWDC, I have been wondering, “why no YouTube on the iPod/iPhone rumors?” I mean what two amazing technologies were ever better suited to each other? 

Youtube, which Cupertino announced will be on AppleTV, is in the process of turning their WHOLE video collection over to H.264 video.  Do you have any idea how many CPU cycles that is?  Probably enough to raise the temperature in San Francisco a few degrees.  All for the AppleTV?  I mean its just another hobby for Apple according to Steve Jobs and a bit of a flop according to retailers.

Macintosh Tablet at WWDC? Steve Jobs, if you can hear me, I am asking nicely


Are you sick of rumors yet?  It’s a long shot, and as always, based mostly on speculation, but yes, the time is right for a tablet Mac. There has been absolutely nothing to lead us to believe that there will be a Tablet type Macintosh other than shear market desire (it worked with video iPods!)   A few more things to consider as we approach WWDC 2007:

iOS Devices Stories June 12, 2007

iPhone Web 2.0 SDK – Apple Has Just Jumped the Shark

WWDC iphoneTaking a page from their ipod shuffle campaign that touts the limitations of not having a screen on an MP3 player as the newest and greatest thing, Steve Jobs tried to convince a auditorium full of developers and a global community of 950,000 that they would in fact have a very advanced Web 2.0 iPhone User “SDK” (software developer kit) or lack thereof…


..or, in other words, a browser

Which we’ve all known about since January.  

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