March 18, 2010


“T-Mobile USA is hoping to start selling the popular smartphone later this year or next year.” (Financial Times account login required)

Update: “Hopes”.  Yeah, who doesn’t.

January 5, 2010

Tmobile’s got a nationwide 7.2mbps HSDPA network that is compatible with the 3G radios on phones from Europe and Asia.  Compared to AT&T who has a different radio frequency for 3G and are still working on the 7.2mbps network, that’s pretty solid.  They also have the lowest-priced unlimited data plans of any US carrier which helps the Nexus One come in $500-$1000+ less over the two year contract (the difference in the phone cost is $20) than the iPhone…and even the Verizon Droid.  

Will AT&T lower their prices to compete with Tmobile?

Breakdown from BillShrink is below.



October 11, 2009

Microsoft, after over a week of data outage and admission that they’ve lost all of their customers’ data, might have just killed the Sidekick.  That’s a shame because, before the iPhone, the Sidekick was the most revolutionary smartphone platform out there.



July 15, 2009

In a move that can only be described as "for the love of everything decent and holy, why not in the US?!?!"…Apple is opening up the iPhone to be used on Orange and Tmobile in the UK according to  The liberation is set for September  BUT will not include the iPhone 3GS (ok, that is a big BUT). 

Orange and Tmobile obviously carry the iPhone in other countries.  O2 is apparently furious with the news but what do you expect when you announce that you’ll be carrying the Palm Pre in countries throughout Europe?

Apple is poised to open the iPhone 3G to Orange and T-Mobile in a bid to boost sales.  The move is set for as early as September and will end Apple’s two year exclusive deal with O2.  Crucially, the manufacturer will continue to give O2 exclusivity for the new, faster 3GS version, but will grant distribution of the older 3G handset to another network.  Orange and T-Mobile are known to have already begun pitching for the handset. T-Mobile’s call centres have also started telling customers it may stock the iPhone.  Both networks sell the iPhone in several other countries.  The addition of a new network selling the iPhone will break O2’s UK exclusivity on the coveted handset, and will offer a challenge to O2’s prices and tariffs.  Sources said O2 has been furious with the news and is concerned potential rivals will undercut its prices on the older model.

We wonder if Tmobile in the US would like to carry the iPhone 3G or if US consumers would appreciate a choice?


March 31, 2008

We know Rogers in Canada is a bit of a slacker on the iPhone front from our reader comments.  However, they are the only GSM/EDGE provider in Canada and if you have a hacked iPhone they are your only choice.  If Apple, for whatever reason, doesn’t want to deal with Rogers, they may have one of two already-established partners in Canada soon.  AT&T and Tmobile are both rumored to be partners with Niagara Networks Inc. who are currently bidding on Canadian spectrum.

Either firm may be backing an auction application lodged earlier this month by unknown entity Niagara Networks Inc., which has no current operations in Canada. The company surprised industry observers two weeks ago when it appeared on an Industry Canada list of applicants for the spectrum auction beginning on May 27. Niagara Networks has applied to bid on all the spectrum being auctioned, requiring a letter of credit for $881 million.

Douglas Evashkow, president of Niagara Networks, told at the time that he was unable to disclose who was funding his company because of confidentiality agreements.

Obviously with a name like "Niagra" (as in "Falls" – which have both US and Canadian varieties), AT&T would be the easy guess of wireless partner.

No strangers to Canada

San Antonio, Texas-based AT&T, the largest multinational telecommunications service provider in the world, is no stranger to the Canadian cellphone market. AT&T owned 34 per cent of Rogers Wireless before selling it back to the company in 2004 for $1.35 billion US in order to "monetize its stake" and concentrate on its U.S. operations.

In recent years AT&T has reversed course and expanded its international operations. In one of its latest big moves, AT&T in October applied to enter India’s upcoming spectrum auction in partnership with a local company, Mahindra Telecommunications Pvt. Ltd.

AT&T also announced earlier this month that it will invest $1 billion US in 2008 in its international businesses, 33 per cent more than it spent last year and double its expenditure in 2006.

In a recent interview with, AT&T Canada executives declined to say how much of the investment would go to Canada but said the country was a key priority. The company provides telecommunications services — minus cellphones — to multinational corporations operating here.

Maura Lendon, chief counsel for AT&T Canada, praised recent moves by the government to boost telecommunications competition, including the favouring of new entrants in the spectrum auction.

The government in November ruled that 40 per cent of the airwaves up for auction would be reserved for new entrants, meaning that existing players Rogers, Bell Canada Inc. and Telus Corp. are restricted to bid on the other 60 per cent.

"We do see more positive trends in the Canada market, which I think are opening opportunities. It trends towards more open competition," Lendon said.

How long will it take before the partner sets up shop and can start slanging iPhones?  We have no clue…all we know is Canadians want iPhones and are pretty upset that they don’t have an Apple-blessed way of getting them.


Thanks Noob


February 11, 2008

Big news day today – especially for us coffee addicts.  Starbucks has announced  that it was dropping its T mobile wifi access points around the world and going with AT&T.  The new deal will give free wireless access to Starbucks card holders and AT&T broadband users and charge about half of what T mobile charged for WiFi access. $3.99/visit or $20/month.

Now this deal has Apple written all over it for a number of reasons – not just because taking your  MacBook to Starbucks will be a whole lot cheaper.  Starbucks and AT&T are also iPhone partners.  Starbucks sells it’s music to iPhone and iPod Touch users through its Wifi Music store (now run by AT&T).   AT&T is obviously the carrier for the iPhone.

iPhone’s in Europe are bundled with the carriers wifi hotspots – well they are with T mobile and O2.  Orange notsomuch.

We expect a AT&T-iPhone Wifi access deal to be announced at the next big event.  Free iPhone Access at Starbucks sound good to anyone else?



November 21, 2007

News is starting to trickle in.  You can now officially buy an unlocked iPhone for yes, €999.  Is this the actual price of the iPhone.  Is this what Apple would charge if it wasn’t taking $10-$20 bucks a month of your Mobile bill?  Perhaps it isn’t that easy to build an operationg system from the ground up for a phone that works as well as the iPhones?

I guess we know what price those unlocked iPhones are going to go for in France.  The question is, are they different from a hardware perspective?  Or can people who want carrier choice just buy a $399 iPhone at the Apple store and upload the new unlocked firmware?

Also, according to fortnighttv, tmobile users that have already purchased the iPhone can have theirs unlocked for free.

We’ll bring you more reports as they develop…


May 2

AAPL: 147.51

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March 1

AAPL: 139.79

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February 28

AAPL: 136.99

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February 27

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February 13

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Just 24 hours after Verizon introduced its new “unlimited” data plan, T-Mobile is firing back by removing some of the restrictions placed on its own “ONE” unlimited plan.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced the changes in a series of tweets of tweets this afternoon, saying that the carrier was lifting the HD streaming and hotspot restrictions…

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December 7, 2016

AAPL: 111.03

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[UPDATE: T-Mobile pulled their DIGITS sign-up page after a glitch exposed unintended customer information. It appears the issue is now solved and the page is back up and running.]

Known for pushing the envelope, as far as cellular carriers are concerned, T-Mobile has disclosed the details of its new program ‘DIGITS’ in an un-carrier announcement today. Certainly taking cues from Google Voice, the new Digits initiative aims to provide users with phone number flexibility and convenience, and includes multiple phone number solutions as well. The company is launching a limited free beta for T-Mobile customers (with post-paid accounts) starting today. expand full story

September 15, 2016

AAPL: 115.57

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Update: T-Mobile says the issues have been resolved. Here’s a support document regarding the situation.

T-Mobile is warning iPhone customers not to update to iOS 10, the latest software version, after several customers have reported ‘connectivity issues’ caused by the update. The issue appears to be affecting iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone SE customers, according to the carrier, although it’s possible a wider group of iPhones including the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus could be as well.

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July 14, 2016

AAPL: 98.79

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