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Tech Industry Stories October 1, 2010

Apple's move to Qualcomm for iPhone 5, iPad 2

Yet more wheels within wheels on Apple’s move to abandon Infineon for Qualcomm subsequent to Intel’s acquisition of Infineon, manufacturer of baseband chips for the iPhone. Now we’re told Qualcomm will contract Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) to make the 3G wireless chips that will equip Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPad 2, which will be […]

Tech Industry Stories March 21, 2011

Beefier chips as Apple bolsters in-house silicon wizards

Apple’s A5 chip has debuted with iPad 2, but the company’s already hard at work designing the A6, contemplating the A7 and thinking about the A8. Apple added more chip experts to their in-house silicon team and poached veteran engineers from Samsung and ARM earlier this month. A LinkedIn profile belonging to chip expert Eunseok […]

Tech Industry Stories March 9, 2011

Apple moving to TSMC for A5 production?

same numbers! We’re not sure if this has already happened, but EETimes reports on the rumors that Apple has shifted its A5 production from Samsung to TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company).  Since no one has seen a real A5 processor yet, we don’t know if Apple has already switched. Perhaps most damning, the art that […]

Tech Industry Stories October 13, 2009

Smartphone wars: Will ARM takeover bid become the new front line?

ARM Holdings makes it into the news a lot more than it used to, as the company’s processor designs emerge as a de rigeur standard for mobile devices, including the iPhone.

Indeed, when it comes to the netbook and smartphone markets, the company is poised to overtake Intel in marketshare within three years, reckons semiconductor analyst, Didier Scemama, at ABN AMRO.

That’s interesting, particularly since 100 percent of ARM stock is available to investors on the London Stock Exchange and Nasdaq. And it’s sparked us off on a train of speculative thought here at the European desk.

This also means it could become a strategic battleground for those companies with an interest in using processors designed by the company, firms which include both Apple and Google.

Tech Industry Stories July 14, 2011

Apple begins test production of A6 processor with TSMC, a blow to Samsung

According to Reuters, Apple and Taiwan-based manufacturer TSMC have begun a test production run of A6 processors for future Apple devices. TSMC is yet to be confirmed as the producer of Apple’s A6 chip when it ships sometime in the future, but the decision is said to be “authorized.” The only thing holding back the […]

Tech Industry Stories May 2, 2011

Is Intel going to build Apple's A6 chips?

A report relayed by EETimes today has Intel chasing after the next generation Apple AX chips contracts that will go into iOS devices. ”Based on a number of inputs, we believe Intel is also vying for Apple’s foundry business,” said Gus Richard, an analyst with Piper Jaffray & Co., in a new report. ”It makes […]

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