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AAPL Company Stories May 27

Need for patent reform highlighted by latest troll to sue Apple

The latest patent troll to sue Apple serves as a textbook example of the need for patent reform. A company called BillJCo, aka LBX Technologies, is essentially trying to claim ownership over the concept of short-range communication between devices using Bluetooth …

AAPL Company Stories August 28, 2009

Apple tech support publishes Snow Leopard FAQ's

Snow Leopard is available internationally now, attracting positive reviews and seemingly delighting customers with its speedy nature.

In conjunction with the release Apple has published a selection of tech support documents detailing certain functions within the new OS, including new features, startup problems, and printing tips.

AAPL Company Stories August 12, 2009

Trip Chowderly says: $899 OLED Smartbook coming by end of the year

Trip Chowderly, who wrongly forecasted "no new Mac upgrades until  2010" and Costco iPhones, is predicting that Apple is going to release a tablet with 8-10 inch OLED screens from LG Electronics.  The device will be powered by an ARM Cortex A9 multi-core processor and will come at the end of the year with full scale shipping starting in 2010.

Apple was rumored to be building a MacBook with an LG OLED screen earlier this year and Microsoft’s Zune is confirmed to have an OLED screen.

AAPL Company Stories September 16, 2009

ARM announces 2GHz, low power chip – is this the heart of Apple's tablet?

The old wisdom states that every journey begins with a single step, and it’s possible Apple’s tablet tale opened up yet another chapter on ARM’s morning announcement of its development of a new 2GHz, dual-core version of its Cortex-A9 architecture.

This 40-nanometre processor offers its high speed at impressively low power, which ARM pegs at 0.25-Watts per CPU. The product’s being aimed at the market for fast small home devices.

A December 2008 Computerworld article by our own Seth Weintraub predicts Apple’s tablet will be based on ARM’s Cortex architecture.

Now, we know ARM licenses its chip designs to others for manufacture. And we also know Apple’s former PA Semi engineers are expert at tweaking ARM processor designs to yield even more bang for the buck.

AAPL Company Stories October 13, 2009

Under the radar – 11am GMT October 13

Good morning. As the US rises to a new week following its public holiday yesterday, and the UK wakes to yet more discussion on the MP’s expenses scandal, no surprise Apple news is a little thin on the ground – though you may have missed the company confirming it’s aware of the Snow Leopard data-munching bug we revealed last week; also Google has lost another Apple board member.

So what have we got for you this morning? So far: Apple denounces claims it taxes labels $10,000 to carry their content in the album-saving iTunes LP format; Apple’s updated Logic, improving stability with its new patch; Windows 7 won’t hurt Mac sales any, an analyst says; iPhone is reader’s choice champion in a recent PC Mag survey; another carrier signs-up to shift iPhones in Singapore; Microsoft promises Mac compatibility in its forthcoming Office Web Apps solution; and the first Australian schools have signed-up for iTunes U. Also a couple of decent hard drive bargains in view of the ongoing Snow Leopard data-munching hullabaloo…Read on…

AAPL Company Stories October 15, 2009

Under the radar – Noon GMT – October 15

At last – today’s updated handful of Apple-related nuggets in a bite-sized format for your edification and delight, and this morning seems a little, erm, interesting.

Here we go: Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer may have a hard time putting down Apple’s rapidly-approaching 10 percent market share as a “rounding error” this time around; Apple’s expected to deliver a strong report card for its fourth quarter (sales and earnings rise); Apple wins big at T3 awards; iPhone ships in China on October 30; Chrome browser for Mac edges to release; an interesting glance at what Intel plans next; classic rock ‘n’ roll photo collection reaches iPhone as an NME app; and something for the holy folk as Rome-based friars take their TV channel high-tech to the iPhone. All this and our friendly collection of fantastic Mac-related bargains.

Read on…

Apple's Phil Schiller: 'Win 7 upgrade hassle – why not just buy a Mac?'

Apple’s feeling the opportunity in Microsoft’s Vista-replacement, Windows 7, playing it cool as it plans its own new advertising blitz to tempt across those PC users who just can’t seem to put their faith in Ballmer’s boys any longer.

As Business Week (and, later, MacRumors, informs), Apple plans to begin its own ad-attack when Win 7 climbs out of the trenches on October 22. And Apple VP Phil Schiller thinks Microsoft’s handing Apple an advantage in the desktop OS game…

The ads will extol Mac OS X’s real virtues – lack of viruses, happy connections with iPods and iPhones and its simple upgrade process….after all, Windows XP users (still a big slice of Microsoft’s user base) are expected to jump through hoops and engage in mystical mantras if they want to upgrade to WIn 7. Well, OK, not quite that, but they are expected to:

AAPL Company Stories October 29, 2009

Has Apple contracted its tablet battery supplier?

Apple has contracted a new battery supplier, C-Tech, to produce power cells for its iPhones and iPods, the supplier announced today.

The company also makes batteries for HP. It currently produces 500,000 notebook batteries and 2.5 million for handsets and other portable devices every month at its two Chinese plants.

With a view to the rumoured Apple tablet, interesting to reflect: C-Tech hopes to step into the battery pack market for products such as eBook readers and electric vehicles, DigiTimes reports.

Involvement in the Apple ecosystem is powerful good magic for suppliers in the present economic climate, as PC manufacturers hope the WIndows 7 release will generate some interest in their machines, and mobile firms face increasing competition from Cupertino, inclusion in an Apple product can save the day for component suppliers.

AAPL Company Stories December 8, 2007

Apple will gain significant marketshare according to Investor's Business Daily

You guessed it, Apple is poised to make large market share gains.  So says Investor’s Business Daily and their measurement of a recent ChangeWave survey. How much remains to be seen.  The numbers IBD picked up were very promising:

ChangeWave recently conducted two surveys that gauged PC-buying plans over the next 90 days — a period running from the holiday shopping season into first-quarter 2008. It polled members of its alliance, which includes technology and business executives with leading companies in select industries. Its members tend to be more tech-savvy and have higher disposable incomes than the general public.

The Rockville, Md.-based firm’s poll results have proved prescient, predicting the rise in PC sales for Apple and Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) and the downturn for Dell (DELL) in recent years.

The latest ChangeWave consumer poll found that 29% of likely notebook and desktop PC buyers in the next 90 days are planning to get a Mac. That’s higher than consumer purchase intent for HP laptops (21%), HP desktops (24%) and Dell laptops (28%). But Dell had higher demand for its desktops (31%).

AAPL Company Stories June 13, 2011

iWWDC: Devs flock to iOS for ease of development and monetization

Philip Elmer-DeWitt relayed on the Fortune blog a survey that Piper Jaffray’s resident Apple analyst Gene Munster conducted during Apple’s annual developer conference which took place in San Francisco last week. He compared the results to a similar survey conducted in 2008, when Android wasn’t on the map yet. Speaking to 45 iOS developers attending […]

AAPL Company Stories May 24, 2011

You can now AirPlay your iOS media to Windows Media Center

Fans have taken AirPlay, a wireless media streaming technology from Apple, to places far beyond the boundaries of the iOS/Apple TV walled garden. For example, we’ve seen stuff like a Cydia hack that enables AirPlay in any third-party app, AirPlay support on Android and more. Developer Thomas Pleasance took it upon himself to enable AirPlay on […]

AAPL Company Stories May 16, 2011

Apple and Google called back to Senate to testify with Facebook on Thursday CNET reports that Apple and Google have been called back to the Senate to continue to testify on privacy concerns which surfaced when it was revealed that Apple had been storing location information on iPhones and backing that up on PCs/Macs. This time Facebook was invited to speak as well. On the docket to […]

AAPL Company Stories January 7, 2011

iTunes to house FOX's award screeners for SAG

Fox has announced that this year the award screeners for the Screen Actors Guild awards will be placed on iTunes. Award screeners are copies of films given to the Screen Actors Guild prior to the awards to they could vote for winners. Traditionally, studios send out copies of films on watermarked DVD’s but this year, […]

AAPL Company Stories April 25, 2011

Apple fighting off supply problems with $11B purchase commitments

Timothy Cook, Apple’s chief of operations and a temporary Steve Jobs replacement, called iPad “the mother of all backlogs” in a recent conference call with Wall Street analysts. He was defending sales of just 4.69 million iPads during fiscal 2011 second quarter, which is below the 6-7 million consensus and the 7.33 million units shipped during […]

AAPL Company Stories April 26, 2011

Locationgate: Lawmakers summon Apple, Google for Senate judiciary hearing in May

Apple’s and Google’s practice of collecting geographical location data on their smartphone users has prompted lawmakers to quiz both companies over the privacy implications. Senator Al Franken and Illinois attorney general Lisa Madigan have each summoned Apple and Google to appear before a Senate judiciary hearing on mobile privacy scheduled for May 10. Illinois attorney […]

AAPL Company Stories April 27, 2011

Apple sets the record straight on location tracking: It was a bug, fix is underway

Apple has finally gone on the record regarding the ongoing story about iOS location tracking by putting out a press release this morning. The document entitled “Q&A on Location Data” begins by saying that “Apple would like to respond to the questions we have recently received about the gathering and use of location information by […]

AAPL Company Stories April 14, 2011

Windows Phone has fastest browser, benchmark says

The above video pits browsing capabilities of Windows Phone’s Internet Explorer 9 mobile running on a “Mango” device against iOS’ Safari browser running on an iPhone 4 and Android’s WebKit-based browser running on a Samsung Nexus S. The results clearly show IE taking the lead in terms of speed. WinRumors explains that the Windows Phone […]

AAPL Company Stories April 10, 2011

Hire indicates Apple shift from aluminum to composites?

Kevin Kenney has spent most of the last 14 years building carbon fiber bicycles as the President and CEO at Kestral Bicycles. This month, he became an Senior Composites Engineer at Apple after consulting for the past few years. What does Apple want with an expert in carbon fiber and other composite applications?   iBikes? […]

AAPL Company Stories March 14, 2011

Zune's Dead

After years of trying to keep up with Apple’s iPod line, Bloomberg is reporting that Microsoft will finally stop introducing new versions of their not-so-popular Zune music player.  They will however continue to sell existing versions of the Zune. Microsoft tried to give the Zune a revival in 2009, introducing the Zune HD to compete […]

AAPL Company Stories March 30, 2011

MacUpdate Promo: Parallels, 10 other apps: $50 (Update: 24 hours left)

(Update: 24 hours left on this one.  They’ve added QuickPick and Secrets of Monkey Island and a chance to win a MacBook Pro) Affiliate partner MacUpdate is doing another impressive bundle which readers can save 87% 11 applications including Parallels 6, Civilization IV, TechTool Pro 5.0.7, 1Password3, MacUpdate Desktop 5, MacDVDRipper Pro 2, DVD Remaster Pro, Hands […]

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