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5G is coming soon. And although it seems pretty clear Apple is going to skip the next-gen wireless service in the 2019 iPhone, most Android manufactures have made one thing certain: they’ll have at least one 5G offering as early as summer 2019.

We’ve been hearing about how 5G is bringing the next-generation of wireless service for years now. However, with casual internet browsing already at incredible speeds, paired with healthy download times on even the largest 4K movie and TV files, it seems ambiguous as to how impactful 5G will be on our day-to-day lives.

Let’s dive in and breakdown why 5G is going to be critically important in the next decade.

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Bordeaux Apple store robbed and vandalized in French riots

Apple Sainte-Catherine in Bordeaux, France was robbed and looted Saturday night by French “yellow vest” protestors. The vandals smashed the store’s windows before flooding through the building and ripping MacBooks, iPhones, iPads and more from product tables.


Apple gets in the holiday spirit with annual Beer Bash concert & Toys for Tots visit

Apple hosted its annual holiday Beer Bash celebration at its 1 Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino, California on Friday night, with Frozen star Idina Menzel selected as the night’s entertainment. Tim Cook further took to Twitter to spotlight Apple’s celebration of USMC’s Toys for Tots charity program, which provides holiday toys to impoverished families and children.

December 7

Verizon begins activating eSIM lines on iPhones with Dual SIM

Verizon has officially begun activating eSIM lines on iPhone XR, XS and XS Max, allowing users to integrate two separate phone numbers with their compatible device.

Netflix generates all-time high revenue from iOS & Android devices

Netflix generated an all-time high record income from mobile devices, earning $86.6 million dollars this past November. That figure is up 77% from last November YoY, in which the company earned just $49 million in estimated mobile revenue, reports TechCrunch

Apple removes war simulation game from App Store for using Taliban as enemies

Apple has removed game developer Slitherine’s Afghanistan ’11 from the iOS App Store for using a “specific person or real entity” as the enemy of the game, even though it is touted as being entirely historically accurate in depicting the US war in Afghanistan.

Qualcomm president Cristiano Amon said in an interview with Yahoo Finance that the company’s ever-intensifying dispute against Apple will end soon, “one way or another.” This comes despite mounting evidence Apple plans to play hardball with the American chipmaker, after reports last week said Apple rejected a settlement offer.

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DxOMark today revealed their official score for rating the iPhone XR’s sole rear camera, awarding the shooter a mark of 101, the highest ever for a single-lens smartphone. The score even got Apple’s Marketing chief Phil Schiller’s Tweet of approval, which is notable because previous DxOMark’s often ambiguous scores were disavowed by many in the Apple community after the company often rated relatively inexpensive Android phones consistently higher than flagship iPhones. expand full story

December 6

LEGO today has officially launched its LEGO AR Playground app on iOS, incorporating ARKit technology to merge real LEGO sets with augmented action. The first ARKit Playgrounds app from the company arrives with a NINJAGO theme.

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Apple today released two videos on their official YouTube channel titled Real Stories — Apple Watch‚ documenting the lives of actual customers that were potentially saved by wearing an Apple Watch.

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Fortnite has received its next big, Season 7 update, bringing a holiday refresh alongside a new vehicle, Christmas-themed gun wraps and more. New iPad Pro users should also get a chance to push that overpowered A12X Bionic chip, as Epic Games has implemented 60FPS support for 2018 iPad Pro devices starting this week.

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An internal Verizon memo leaked today alleges that the carrier will begin recognizing iPhone XS and XR eSIM activations starting this Friday, December 7. expand full story

December 5

A handwritten manuscript by late Apple CEO Steve Jobs reached $28,000 at Bonham’s History of Science and Technology, Including Space History auction in New York City this afternoon, failing to meet reserve and therefore remaining unsold.

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Upgraded Insta360 One X panoramic video camera bundle now available as Apple Store exclusive

The Apple Online Store has begun exclusively selling the Insta360 One X for $449 as a newer, upgraded model to sit alongside the already popular $329 Insta 360 One.

December 4

Researchers develop cross-platform app to test for anemia with a single photo

Emory University researchers have developed a cross-platform mobile app which can test anybody for anemia with just one photo of their fingernails.

As we enter the final weeks before 5G begins rolling out, albeit extremely sparingly, across the United States, Verizon today has announced it will launch a true 5G NR consumer hotspot in 2019. Details are sparse at this point, but Verizon is offering up some info.

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A new patent granted to Apple today reveals some of the potential new features we could see in future AirPods. The most interesting part of the filing involves interchangeable earbuds equipped with “at least one” biometric sensor, which could detect left/right ear placement and accordingly adjust audio.

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Apple-certified USB-C to Lightning cables could launch earlier than expected in 2019

According to documentation by Chinese battery website ChargerLAB, Apple is planning on shipping the necessary Lightning components required to assemble USB-C to Lightning cables to hardware manufactures in as soon as six weeks. This news is in contrast to a previous report which said these cables wouldn’t be launching until mid-2019.

December 3

Global smartphone sales increased 1.4 percent YoY as compared to Q3 2017, according to a new report published by Gartner. The report details Apple retaining its 11.8 percent share of the smartphone market, with Samsung losing 3.4 percent compared to the same period last year.

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Apple Music being used to announce Grammy nominations this year

On Friday, December 7th, select categories from the upcoming 2019 Grammy Awards will be initially announced exclusively through Apple Music.

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