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August 18, 2014

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WhatsApp is a popular instant messenger application that works on iOS and Android OS, which lets you send text messages, MMS and voice messages between your friends at free of cost. However, it’s incompatible with iPod Touch or iPad. Now we have figured out the way to easily install WhatsApp on iPod Touch and iPad without having to jailbreak your device.

Whatsapp on iPad iOS 7
Whatsapp on iPad iOS 7

Before starting to install WhatsApp on iPod or iPad, you would need the following :

  • iTunes installed on your PC
  • Download SynciOS app for your Windows PC from www.syncios.com
  • iPad or iPod Touch
  • iPhone

How to Install and Activate WhatsApp on iPad, iPod without Jailbreak step by step instructions

Install WhatsApp on iPad, iPod without jailbreak

Step 1,  Launch iTunes, search and download WhatsApp.ipa on your computer, this is to get the iPA file.

Step 2, Navigate to iTunes Media Folder, the default path is : C > Users > Username > My Music > iTunes > iTunes Media > Mobile Applications > WhatsApp.ipad. If you ever changed the path before, find the .Ipa file there.

WhatsApp IPA File
WhatsApp IPA File

Step 3, Connect your iPod or iPad to computer and run SynciOS. Click on My device Tab, you will find 5 menu on the left side of the panel. Go to Apps, you will see a list of installed applications. Select “install” button, choose the WhatsApp file you’ve copied from the “iTunes media folder”. It will be smoothly installed on your iPad or iPod Touch.

Install WhatsApp on iPad
Install WhatsApp on iPad

Step 4, You have successfully installed WhatsApp on your iPad / iPod once the installation process completed . Disconnect your iPad Air, iPad mini or iPod Touch.

Install WhatsApp on iPad successfully
Install WhatsApp on iPad successfully

Activate WhatsApp on iPad, iPod without jailbreak

Step 5, Get an iPhone and install Whatspp on it. If the iPhone has WhatsApp previously installed, you would have to uninstall it since the process requires a fresh install.

Step 6, After the re-installation, you are required to type in your Phone number to activate it. Be sure the number you typed is the one you want to use on your iPad or iPod.

Step 7, Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch SynciOS software. Go to My Device>Apps>WhatsApp. Click the preview button on the right side to access Whatapp app document system, select both Documents and Library folder, click Export button to copy those 2 folders to your PC. See image below.

Copy Whatsapp Activation Files to PC
Copy Whatsapp Activation Files to PC

Step 8, Unplug your iPhone and plug iPad or iPod back in to your PC. Again go to My Device>Apps>WhatsApp app document file system, delete Document and Library folders, then import the 2 folders saved on PC or simply drag and drop the 2 folders to the App Document Management Panel as shown below.

Replace Whatsapp activation files
Replace Whatsapp activation files


Step 9, Disconnect your iPad or iPod from the PC, WhatsApp would be activated and ready to use. Enjoy WhatsApp for iPad, iPod Touch. :)

WhatsApp on iPad or iPod Activated
Enjoy WhatsApp on iPad or iPod

August 4, 2014

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If you are an iPhone, iPad or iPod user, you probably are using iTunes on your PC to manage your device. Even though the software is widely used, it has its own drawbacks. Just as you get used to your version of iTunes, Apple launches a new update which is often so different from the older version that you waste a lot of time trying to figure it out. Another common complaint by iTunes users is that the software is often very slow and has major performance issues. Using iTunes, the transfer of data between your iOS device and your PC can be a very dreary process. To make this much simpler, here are a few popular iTunes alternatives:

1. SynciOS

Apart from backing up your music, SynciOS can be used to backup your apps, SMS, contacts, notes, eBooks and more from your device. It even allows transfer of phone data like photos, contacts, call history etc. to other iOS devices as well as Android devices. The distinctive feature of SynciOS is its ability to manage jailbroken devices, a feature which is not available in most other softwares. Transferring data from your iOS device to your PC is also intuitive. The audio and video convertor that comes with this software is extremely useful for playing music that is otherwise not supported by iOS devices. It also displays complete device information when you plug-in your gadget to your PC. All these features are available even in the free version. Overall, SynciOS is a user-friendly and full-featured iTunes alternative and is excellent for handling multiple devices at once.

The only disadvantage of this software is its speed. It takes a while to show the media on your device and also to transfer files to and from your iOS device.

2. CopyTrans Manager

CopyTrans Manager allows you to easily exchange music, videos and apps between your iOS device and your PC. This lightweight software makes it extremely simple by featuring the drag-and-drop method. Backup of your iOS devices is also handled effectively. It is available for free online.

The biggest drawback of this software is that it slows down while handling large volumes of data. Another caveat is that the software often does not recognize the plugged-in iOS device.

3. SharePod

SharePod is one of the most uncomplicated music transfer applications. It is a user-friendly app with a very simple user interface that is available online for free. SharePod effectively manages your music, videos and photos. Transfer of files between your iOS device and your PC is made very simple. It creates a backup of your content which can be easily recovered if your device crashes.

One of the glitches of this iTunes alternative is that the app or some of its features fail when using older devices like the iPhone 4. SharePod even fails to recognize your device at times. Users have also reported that the app often crashes automatically.

4. Amarok

This music management software can connect to your last.fm and Magnatune accounts enabling you to get your music from the cloud. It can also retrieve album cover art, artist information and song lyrics for your music tracks. Amarok has a user interface which is very similar to that of iTunes. It is extremely useful for iOS device users who work with Linux/Ubuntu.

The main disadvantage of this software is its dependency on other libraries or programs to enable some of the features. Also, it can be used to transfer only music files between iTunes and

5. Foobar2000

Foobar2000 is a light software that supports a variety of music file formats, some of which are FLAC, MP3, MP4, OGG, WAV, WMA, AIFF. It uses a simple and user-friendly interface which is highly customizable. It has advanced features for managing your music tags and metadata. It’s ReplayGain feature automatically plays all your music at the same volume.

However, these customizations require you to download additional web resources. It also takes some getting used to, which makes it unpopular with first-time users.

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