Apple has a new Classroom app and some nice education features like sharing iPads between classrooms starting with iOS 9.3, but the app that lets teachers make it all work it getting hit with some early negative reviews mostly because it’s not something you just install and start using. But this one-star review entitled ‘My School Day Is [a] Ruined’ by A Sad Sophomore really caught my attention:

So they get full control of my iPad and even my AppleID (which I have credentials such as my debit card stored on). They can change my password? I don’t really feel comfortable with that. I also won’t be able to listen to music, as I enjoy to, whilst I work. They can force launch, force close, etc anything they want to, that’s agitating, they can lockdown any iPad and restrict every little thing they want to. This is going to make my school experience go from decent to terrible yet again, why’d you have to do this to me and many other students. Please kill me.

Hopefully A Sad Sophomore is exaggerating there at the end, but wow I never considered how kids might see Apple’s improved education effort as a privacy invasion (that’s probably a good sign actually). Cheer up, Sad Sophomore, just two more years to go…

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