We’ve probably all said it or heard it: “Here, look at this picture but do not swipe to the left.”

It’s the shameless plea we make when passing off our smartphones to share a photo with someone when we know there’s embarrassing photos just a swipe or two away.

That’s where Don’t Swipe comes in. Don’t Swipe lets you choose specific photos from your Camera Roll, Photo Stream, or any album in your Photos app and puts it in a native-looking view safe from your embarrassing selfie or whatever else you don’t want to share.

There’s no back button from the photo viewing screen, that’s hidden by shaking the iPhone (probably one of the only times this gesture is useful). You also don’t have to tap each photo you want to share: Don’t Swipe has a really slick way to choose which photos to share by allowing you to slide your finger over the collection of photos you want.  Frankly, Apple should copy this feature in its own Photos app.

The app is pretty well done and works as advertised. I did have a few photos that couldn’t be viewed for some reason, but everything in my Camera Roll worked fine.

Don’t Swipe is out today for 99¢ (reg. $1.99) on the App Store… and we have had promo codes below.


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